8/26/23 Update – Bug fixes and database optimizations

Hey all,

Been busy with work and life in the past year or so but I’ve been starting to find some time to start updating StockNinja.io again. I’m also working on another passion project of mine so that’s been taking up my attention.

Anyway, just sharing a developer update that there’s been some bug fixes on the site so that it’ll work better and also some database optimizations have been made. The tables within the databases have gotten LARGE over the past year or so from all the stock data so the site hasn’t been performing as well. You should now see better performance on the site.

There are other new features that I am starting to plan out including an update to the chrome plugin, changes to the homepage, and new stock halt features which have been heavily requested.

Stay tuned, and thanks for continuing to use StockNinja.io,

Do You Need A Broker To Buy Stocks?

You don’t need a broker to buy stocks. For a large majority of the population, there are more efficient and cheaper ways to buy stocks than using a full-service broker. Buying stocks through an online brokerage account such as WeBull or SoFi comes with many benefits over a traditional broker.

First, most online brokerages offer commission-free trades. Regular brokerages charge about $7 per stock trade. That can add up quickly, especially if you’re trading frequently or if you have a smaller investment account. An individual making only 3 stock trades per year would pay $210 in commission fees alone over 10 years. Ouch!

What Are Broker Fees?

Broker fees are the amount of money that stockbrokers charge to execute stock trades. Broker fees range from firm to firm, and typically depend on the size of the trade, so it’s important to estimate how much stock you plan on buying and selling. Some firms offer a flat-rate fee for all stock trades, whereas some firms can charge a per-share fee for stock transactions, which can be significantly more expensive.

Second, you’re able to buy stock at any time without having to deal with brokers who may have different hours. With a stock broker, you would have to work with their hours. Through an online brokerage account, you can buy stocks at anytime (as long as the market is open) without having to interact or reach out to anyone else.

Finally, these online brokerage platforms make investing in stocks easier and more accessible than ever before. You could buy stock from the comfort of your own home!


Buying stocks is a great way to invest money that will grow over time. For those with a smaller investment account, commission-free trades and accessibility make online stock trading the best choice for their needs. If you’re looking for an easy way to buy stock and want all of the perks that come along with it, then check out our list of favorite online brokers.

The Top 30 Trending Stocks on WallstreetBets

We’ve just expanded our WallstreetBets Trend Tracker to now show the top 30 trending stocks on WallstreetBets (WSB) instead of 10. Sort through even more stocks on WSB with this new feature. 

With the WSB Reddit community ever-growing, we’ve felt that the previous top 10 list is no longer a good representation of the trending stocks being discussed on the forum. 

In the future, we may even expand the list past the top 30 if the WallstreetBets community continues to grow. However at the moment, our algorithm believes that any stock ranked lower than position 30 is not worth looking at.

Why is our WallstreetBets Tracker the Best?

Our WallstreetBets tracker does not simply count the number of mentions a stock/ticker receives on WSB like many others, we utilize an A.I. algorithm to score each stock in real-time based on exposure, recency, post quality, and a multitude of other data points to figure out which stock users are buying and talking about.

Don’t miss out on the next multi-bagger, use and share our real-time WallstreetBets tracker today.

Dividends Added Into Our Stock Catalyst Timeline

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just added dividends into the Stock Catalyst Timeline for all of your favorite stocks.

What does this mean?

This means that you’ll also see each stock’s upcoming ex-dividend dates (if available) in your upcoming catalysts. Now you’ll get a heads-up and reminder whenever an ex-dividend date for a stock in your watchlist is coming up.

Get upcoming dividend reminders and more with our free Upcoming Catalysts feature at StockNinja.io and never miss out on a trade again.

I hope you are as excited as we are for the latest inclusion + we have much much more coming soon.

Let us know what you think and what else you would like included!

50+ Stock News Sources Added

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added over 50 new news sources to StockNinja.io over the weekend.

We’re constantly improving and we’re excited to provide you the best and most relevant news from all the best financial sources in the world including but not limited to Forbes, CNN, Reuters, Fox, Market Watch, etc.

Start adding stocks into your watchlist to get a customized feed based on your watchlist today.

StockNinja.io May 2021 Recap

What a crazy end to May 2021, with meme stocks soaring once again. AMC, everyone’s favorite movie theatre is up over 220% in the past week, with other Wallstreetbet favorites not fairing too far behind.

However, just like last time during the GME craze, the inverse relationship between meme stocks and the market is still prevalent, with the market down overall.

We’re excited to see how June fares as the pandemic appear to be near its end.

StockNinja.io Update:

At StockNinja.io, we’ve had a pretty exciting May as well, with a ton of new functions, features, and bug fixes.

Public user profiles.

All users now have a basic (fine, very basic) profile that can be viewed by others, displaying their latest posts, badges, contributions, etc. More to be expanded here but we feel like this gives us something to work with.

Example: https://www.stockninja.io/user/stockninja/

User discussions. 

We believe that the community is the key to tying everything together. We’ve improved user commenting and opened up the ability for every registered user to create threads, which are nested under each stock.

User submit thread

We’re planning to kickstart with launch promos that’ll reward users with gift cards, badges, and more – so keep an eye out!

Stock catalysts

Our favorite new feature in the past month, the ability to see every stock catalysts’ effect on its stock price. 

Amazon catalysts

We’ve put together a full blog post describing the new feature here.


New feature to add your favorite stocks into a watchlist. Get custom news feed, newsletters, alerts, notifications, and catalyst updates, based on your favorite stocks (some features mentioned yet to release).

User wathclist

That’s about it for our top-level updates.

Ending Notes

May has been an exciting month, both in terms of the market and how much progress we’ve made here at StockNinja.io. Thanks for reading and thanks for using StockNinja.io.

Until next time.

New Feature: Effect Of A Catalyst On Its Stock Price

We’re happy to announce one of our most exciting features to date, the ability to see the price effect of a catalyst on its stock price.

Example: Amazon’s acquisition of MGM studios.

This will allow you to see the price movement of previous catalysts and possibly use it to predict future price action.

Such examples would be:

  • Noticing that a stock’s price would always dip after their earnings call.
  • Calculate the average dip period after a stock offering.
  • etc.

We hope to automatically capture these trends in the future and share it with you in our newsletter.

In the meantime, the following price-points are available for every catalyst:

  • Opening price
  • Closing price
  • Following day’s price
  • Following week’s price
  • Price movement ever since

More price points and advanced stats are in our development timeline but we believe these are great to start with.

Let us know what you think of this new feature, and what other features you would like to see us add!

New Feature: Members Sign-up & Discussions

It’s been a while since our last update – we’ve been busy updating the framework of the site and improving the overall site’s UI and QOL.

Having said that, we’re excited to announce our new Members and Discussions feature.

You can now sign up and chat with your fellow stockninja-ers on every stock page (+ more soon). 

We’re also looking to implement the following features in the future that will be for members-only:

  • Stock halt notifications straight into your email
  • Expanded WallStreetBets recap and dataset
  • Managing your stock watchlist
  • Subscription to our Trends & Alerts newsletter
  • Points/karma awards for submitting catalysts and participating in the community
  • and much more!

We can’t wait to have you join us =)

Register and join our community today.


Find The Next Trending Stock on WallStreetBets

WallStreetBets (WSB) has become quite the news recently with the surge of GME that made impact all over the world. It’s no surprise why many are curious what WSB might be up to next.

As of today, the WSB subreddit has 10 million subscribers, with hundreds of thousands of new posts and comments per day.

To keep an eye on the subreddit you can subscribe and follow the threads daily, but not everyone has the free time and/or want to sort through thousands of posts every single day.

That’s why we created our very own WallStreetBets trend tracker. Our smart-tracker monitors /r/wallstreetbets 24/7 and filters out spam while it finds all the trendy stocks and posts.

The goal was to create a tool to quickly recap what everyone is discussing on the day, without having to spend time to sort through all the threads and comments.

And we believe we’ve succeeded on creating the best monitor on the market, plus it’s free to use!

Our WSB tracker does a lot more than simply count the number of times a stock has been mentioned (which is unfortunately how almost every other tracker on the market works). Our in-built algorithm measures sentiment, exposure, recency, amongst other multitude of other factors to try to find these trendy stocks early.

Here’s what the tracker found are newly trending stocks as of yesterday, on April 5th 2021.

Check out the StockNinja WSB Tracker on your own, here:


Stock Halt Alert Twitter Bot

Our stock halt alert twitter bot is now live!

Follow https://twitter.com/stockhaltalerts for real-time stock halt alert tweets whenever a stock gets halted.

Alternatively, you can use our stock halt notifications if you are not a big fan of twitter.

We’re still adding more functions and features on the daily, so follow along to see what we have in store =)