May 2021 Recap

What a crazy end to May 2021, with meme stocks soaring once again. AMC, everyone’s favorite movie theatre is up over 220% in the past week, with other Wallstreetbet favorites not fairing too far behind.

However, just like last time during the GME craze, the inverse relationship between meme stocks and the market is still prevalent, with the market down overall.

We’re excited to see how June fares as the pandemic appear to be near its end. Update:

At, we’ve had a pretty exciting May as well, with a ton of new functions, features, and bug fixes.

Public user profiles.

All users now have a basic (fine, very basic) profile that can be viewed by others, displaying their latest posts, badges, contributions, etc. More to be expanded here but we feel like this gives us something to work with.


User discussions. 

We believe that the community is the key to tying everything together. We’ve improved user commenting and opened up the ability for every registered user to create threads, which are nested under each stock.

User submit thread

We’re planning to kickstart with launch promos that’ll reward users with gift cards, badges, and more – so keep an eye out!

Stock catalysts

Our favorite new feature in the past month, the ability to see every stock catalysts’ effect on its stock price. 

Amazon catalysts

We’ve put together a full blog post describing the new feature here.


New feature to add your favorite stocks into a watchlist. Get custom news feed, newsletters, alerts, notifications, and catalyst updates, based on your favorite stocks (some features mentioned yet to release).

User wathclist

That’s about it for our top-level updates.

Ending Notes

May has been an exciting month, both in terms of the market and how much progress we’ve made here at Thanks for reading and thanks for using

Until next time.

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