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    You might be interested in some of our commonly asked questions/inquiries.

    Where can I send suggestions / feedbacks?

    Please send us an email directly using the contact form on this page. We’d love your feedback and are always looking for suggestions on how we can improve the site.

    There's a mistake on your site or on a stock ticker.

    We’d love to hear about it! Sometimes our data provider are having issues, and sometimes it’s a human-error on our end.

    Please send us an email using the form on the left and we’ll have someone take a look at it as soon as possible.

    Thank you

    Do you have an API?

    Not at this moment but it is being explored. Please reach out with interest and we’ll put you on the waitlist.

    Can I use the data from commercially?

    No part of may be used commercially or in any commercial projects unless explicitly approved by us. Please reach out using the form to the left.

    For more, check out our FAQ page.