About Us

The goal and vision for StockNinja.io.

Our Mission Statement

There have never been more retail traders on the market in history than today. Our goal is to help them navigate and digest the financial market in the simplest way possible. We want every single person in the world to be able to invest with confidence, and to have the tools and data that they need – for free.

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From our Founder

“There’s an inequality of knowledge, tools, resources, and data available in the financial market. we’re here to even the playing field.”

StockNinja.io Features

Simplifying the stock market one tool, guide, and data-point at a time.


StockNinja.io is an investment service start-up born out of the frustration from the lack of resources available for the everyday trader.

Our commitment

  • To provide free comprehensive market data, trends, and analysis
  • Access to news sources and market alerts
  • Detailed guides, tutorials, and videos
  • Thorough and fact-checked stock catalysts
  • Unbiased reviews and ratings

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