Find The Next Trending Stock on WallStreetBets

WallStreetBets (WSB) has become quite the news recently with the surge of GME that made impact all over the world. It’s no surprise why many are curious what WSB might be up to next.

As of today, the WSB subreddit has 10 million subscribers, with hundreds of thousands of new posts and comments per day.

To keep an eye on the subreddit you can subscribe and follow the threads daily, but not everyone has the free time and/or want to sort through thousands of posts every single day.

That’s why we created our very own WallStreetBets trend tracker. Our smart-tracker monitors /r/wallstreetbets 24/7 and filters out spam while it finds all the trendy stocks and posts.

The goal was to create a tool to quickly recap what everyone is discussing on the day, without having to spend time to sort through all the threads and comments.

And we believe we’ve succeeded on creating the best monitor on the market, plus it’s free to use!

Our WSB tracker does a lot more than simply count the number of times a stock has been mentioned (which is unfortunately how almost every other tracker on the market works). Our in-built algorithm measures sentiment, exposure, recency, amongst other multitude of other factors to try to find these trendy stocks early.

Here’s what the tracker found are newly trending stocks as of yesterday, on April 5th 2021.

Check out the StockNinja WSB Tracker on your own, here:

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