Vroom Inc (VRM) Insider Transactions

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As of July 1, 2022, 3:59pm EST.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-25Paul J HennessyCEOSold 49 Shares$44.11$2,161395-97.10%Link
2021-06-23Paul J HennessyCEOSold 400 Shares$44.02$17,608346-97.09%Link
2021-06-15Carol Denise StottInsiderSold 32 Shares$40.43$1,29471-96.83%Link
2021-06-08David K JonesCFOSold 25 Shares$43.38$1,08574-97.05%Link
2021-05-24Scott Arnold DahnkeInsiderSold 5 Shares$162.45$8120-99.21%Link
2021-05-24Lone Star L.P. Cgp2Major ShareholderSold 1 Shares$43.76$440-97.07%Link
2021-05-24Timothy M O'reillyPortfolio ManagerBought 3 Shares$16.08$480-92.04%Link
2021-05-21Paul J HennessyCEOSold 50 Shares$44.1$2,2050-97.10%Link
2021-05-17Carol Denise StottInsiderSold 11 Shares$39.72$43746-96.78%Link
2021-05-07David K JonesCFOSold 25 Shares$41.49$1,03774-96.91%Link
2021-04-23Mark E RoszkowskiCROSold 43 Shares$45.09$1,93989-97.16%Link
2021-04-22Paul J HennessyCEOSold 35 Shares$44.06$1,542382-97.09%Link
2021-04-09David K JonesCFOSold 15 Shares$40.11$60264-96.81%Link
2021-04-07David K JonesCFOSold 10 Shares$38.68$38759-96.69%Link
2021-04-05David K JonesCFOSold 15 Shares$40.19$60364-96.82%Link
2021-03-25Robert J Mylod JrDirectorSold 14 Shares$35.06$491494-96.35%Link
2021-03-17Adam ValkinDirectorSold 582 Shares$37.53$21,8420-96.59%Link
2021-03-15Adam ValkinDirectorSold 179 Shares$37.66$6,7410-96.60%Link
2021-03-12Adam ValkinDirectorSold 142 Shares$37.77$5,3630-96.61%Link
2021-03-09Adam ValkinDirectorSold 451 Shares$34.65$15,6270-96.31%Link
2021-03-09Patricia MoranInsiderSold 985 Shares$34.32$33,80541-96.27%Link
2021-03-08David K JonesCFOSold 10 Shares$31.39$31449-95.92%Link
2021-02-16Mark E RoszkowskiCROSold 21 Shares$51.38$1,07957-97.51%Link
2021-02-09Patricia MoranInsiderSold 29 Shares$50$1,4500-97.44%Link
2021-02-09David K JonesCFOSold 15 Shares$50$75061-97.44%Link
2021-01-07David K JonesCFOSold 25 Shares$41.54$1,03961-96.92%Link
2020-12-18David K JonesCFOSold 15 Shares$40$60051-96.80%Link
2020-12-07David K. JonesCFOSold 10 Shares$34.92$3490-96.33%Link


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$VRM money comes and goes but your story stays with you the rest of your life. Apes for life ??

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$VRM do what the markets tells you to do not the other way around

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$VRM when is the casino going to reopen. I want some money

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