Mohawk Group Holdings Inc (MWK) Insider Transactions

15.60 ↑0.00 (0.00%)
As of April 29, 2021, 3:59pm EST.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-03-16Joseph A RisicoInsiderSold 38 Shares$29.83$1,134290-47.70%Link
2021-03-16Roi Zion ZahutCTOSold 8 Shares$31.79$254188-50.93%Link
2021-03-12Roi Zion ZahutCTOSold 19 Shares$34.35$653168-54.59%Link
2021-03-11Mihal Chaouat-FixInsiderSold 64 Shares$34.18$2,188263-54.36%Link
2021-03-11Tomer PascalCROSold 68 Shares$34.35$2,336319-54.59%Link
2021-03-049830 Macarthur LlcMajor ShareholderBought 5 Shares$32.17$1610-51.51%Link
2021-01-299830 Macarthur LlcMajor ShareholderBought 288 Shares$23.5$6,7680-33.62%Link
2021-01-199830 Macarthur LlcMajor ShareholderBought 600 Shares$20.5$12,3000-23.90%Link
2021-01-159830 Macarthur LlcMajor ShareholderBought 300 Shares$19.94$5,9820-21.77%Link
2021-01-139830 Macarthur LlcMajor ShareholderBought 38 Shares$20.57$7820-24.16%Link
2021-01-079830 Macarthur LlcMajor ShareholderBought 172 Shares$20.25$3,4830-22.96%Link
2021-01-049830 Macarthur LlcMajor ShareholderBought 62 Shares$16.87$1,0460-7.53%Link


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$MWK I hope I never have to work for anyone again after this

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$MWK I hate this company.

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$MWK Dumping started...
Get out while you can...

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$MWK why is there no volume? Is that suspicious?

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$MWK Lol she wants higher

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$MWK Who’s still buying calls?

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$MWK I like green candles on my birthday cake

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