Limelight Networks Inc (LLNW) Insider Transactions

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As of June 15, 2022, 4:00pm EST.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-04David PeterschmidtDirectorSold 17 Shares$3.13$5348-21.41%Link
2021-01-27Scott GenereuxDirectorSold 15 Shares$5$750-50.80%Link
2021-01-15Robert A. LentoCEOSold 24 Shares$4.08$980-39.71%Link
2021-01-04Robert A. LentoCEOSold 20 Shares$4.2$840-41.43%Link
2020-12-15Robert A. LentoCEOSold 24 Shares$4.04$970-39.11%Link
2020-12-01Robert A. LentoCEOSold 20 Shares$4.45$890-44.72%Link
2020-11-16Robert A. LentoCEOSold 25 Shares$3.98$1000-38.19%Link
2020-10-23Patricia HaddenDirectorSold 16 Shares$4.45$710-44.72%Link
2020-10-15Robert A. LentoCEOSold 15 Shares$6.05$910-59.34%Link
2020-10-13Thomas MarthSVPSold 17 Shares$7$1190-64.86%Link
2020-10-08Thomas MarthSVPSold 4 Shares$6$240-59.00%Link
2020-10-01Walter AmaralDirectorSold 33 Shares$5.77$1900-57.37%Link
2020-10-01Robert A. LentoCEOSold 20 Shares$5.77$1150-57.37%Link
2020-09-28Scott GenereuxDirectorSold 5 Shares$5.92$300-58.45%Link
2020-09-18Thomas MarthSVPSold 4 Shares$6.03$240-59.20%Link
2020-09-15Robert A. LentoCEOSold 18 Shares$5.38$970-54.28%Link
2020-09-10Kurt SilvermanSVPSold 15 Shares$5.31$800-53.67%Link
2020-09-01Walter AmaralDirectorSold 36 Shares$5.75$2070-57.22%Link
2020-09-01Robert A. LentoCEOSold 20 Shares$5.75$1150-57.22%Link
2020-08-17Robert A. LentoCEOSold 16 Shares$6.09$970-59.61%Link


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$LLNW I actually want the market pullback 5% is pretty crazy how this market keep going and going

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$LLNW hint hint this is when you buy a few

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$LLNW day trade is ok to buy here but sell later

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$LLNW I don't know shit
but I know I'm holdin till I at least triple up

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