WSFS Financial Corporation (WSFS) Insider Transactions

40.93 ↑0.84 (2.10%)
As of Market Close on July 1st, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-08Mark A TurnerDirectorSold 13 Shares$54.64$71010-25.09%Link
2021-06-02Richard WrightEVPSold 3 Shares$53.51$16143-23.51%Link
2021-05-27Mark A. TurnerDirectorSold 24 Shares$52.82$1,2680-22.51%Link
2021-05-17Mark A. TurnerDirectorSold 22 Shares$53.59$1,17921-23.62%Link
2021-05-14Paul S GreenplateEVPSold 1 Shares$54.54$5512-24.95%Link
2021-05-10Stephen P ClarkEVPSold 1 Shares$52.5$5326-22.04%Link
2021-05-10Mark A TurnerDirectorSold 30 Shares$51.83$1,55543-21.03%Link
2021-05-07Richard WrightEVPSold 4 Shares$52.45$21046-21.96%Link
2021-04-30Richard WrightEVPSold 3 Shares$51.3$15450-20.21%Link
2021-04-30Richard WrightEVPSold 3 Shares$51.3$15450-20.21%Link
2021-04-27Mark A TurnerDirectorSold 30 Shares$50.65$1,52073-19.19%Link
2021-04-27Richard WrightEVPSold 1 Shares$50.56$5153-19.05%Link
2021-03-12Richard WrightEVPSold 3 Shares$52$15656-21.29%Link
2021-03-11Mark A TurnerDirectorSold 40 Shares$52.22$2,089103-21.62%Link
2020-12-09Peggy H EddensEVPSold 16 Shares$42.61$68217-3.94%Link
2020-12-02Paul S GreenplateEVPSold 1 Shares$39.58$4053.41%Link
2020-11-02Richard WrightEVPSold 12 Shares$32.91$3956124.37%Link


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$WSFS I hope I never have to work for anyone again after this

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$WSFS we need more volume

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$WSFS glad I didn’t chase this isn’t moving anytime soon with all of those call options here lol

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