Invesco Trust For Inv Grade Munis (VGM) Historical Stock Data

9.48 ↑0.12 (1.28%)
As of November 29, 2023, 3:59pm EST.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, VGM is up 0.27% a day on average. There have been 20 days where Invesco Trust For Inv Grade Munis closed green and 10 days where VGM closed red.

2023-11-299.439.48↑$0.05 (0.53%)9.439.49149.67K
2023-11-289.349.36↑$0.02 (0.21%)9.349.39117.84K
2023-11-279.449.38↓$0.06 (-0.64%)9.379.45111.07K
2023-11-249.419.39↓$0.02 (-0.21%)9.389.4645.08K
2023-11-229.489.42↓$0.06 (-0.63%)9.409.51127.77K
2023-11-219.419.41↑$0.00 (0.00%)9.419.48214.37K
2023-11-209.339.43↑$0.10 (1.07%)9.329.45212.19K
2023-11-179.359.33↓$0.02 (-0.21%)9.259.35265.26K
2023-11-169.189.28↑$0.10 (1.09%)9.189.29160.36K
2023-11-159.089.10↑$0.02 (0.22%)9.059.12174.05K
2023-11-148.979.08↑$0.11 (1.23%)8.979.12165.50K
2023-11-138.928.92↑$0.00 (0.00%)8.888.96196.57K
2023-11-108.958.95↑$0.00 (0.00%)8.928.98243.65K
2023-11-098.978.91↓$0.06 (-0.67%)8.888.99146.90K
2023-11-088.918.98↑$0.07 (0.79%)8.848.98336K
2023-11-078.688.84↑$0.16 (1.84%)8.688.88197.42K
2023-11-068.688.66↓$0.02 (-0.23%)8.598.74193.45K
2023-11-038.668.71↑$0.05 (0.58%)8.668.80173.20K
2023-11-028.568.58↑$0.02 (0.23%)8.538.63186.13K
2023-11-018.338.53↑$0.20 (2.40%)8.338.57220.03K
2023-10-318.318.33↑$0.02 (0.24%)8.288.35175.69K
2023-10-308.298.30↑$0.01 (0.12%)8.268.32150.24K
2023-10-278.208.25↑$0.05 (0.61%)8.188.27149.90K
2023-10-268.158.23↑$0.08 (0.98%)8.158.26205.84K
2023-10-258.218.18↓$0.03 (-0.37%)8.178.26167.55K
2023-10-248.258.28↑$0.03 (0.36%)8.228.29185.40K
2023-10-238.228.20↓$0.02 (-0.24%)8.178.28151.33K
2023-10-208.278.27↑$0.00 (0.00%)8.278.33315.69K
2023-10-198.378.29↓$0.08 (-0.96%)8.288.38141.78K
2023-10-188.408.38↓$0.02 (-0.24%)8.378.43228.46K
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$VGM you wanna be a successful trader close your trades green

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$VGM we need one good push to moon this.

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$VGM buy and hodl friends. we may be early
but we are not wrong. very soon.

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$VGM glad I didn’t chase this isn’t moving anytime soon with all of those call options here lol

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$VGM Buy it up so it crashes harder in the next two trading days

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