US Xpress Enterprises Inc (USX) Insider Transactions

2.94 ↓0.03 (-1.01%)
As of Market Close on August 15th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-02Lisa M PateInsiderSold 10 Shares$12$1200-75.50%Link
2021-03-31Lisa M PateInsiderSold 29 Shares$12.07$3500-75.64%Link
2021-03-29Lisa M PateInsiderSold 700 Shares$12$8,4000-75.50%Link
2020-10-27John C RickelDirectorBought 10 Shares$6.5$6561-54.77%Link
2020-10-27Robert D PischkeInsiderBought 11 Shares$6.59$72140-55.39%Link
2020-08-31Joel GardInsiderSold 2 Shares$9.53$1930-69.15%Link
2020-08-24Lisa M PateInsiderSold 4 Shares$11.02$440-73.32%Link
2020-08-19Lisa M PateInsiderSold 3 Shares$11.01$330-73.30%Link
2020-08-17Lisa M PateInsiderSold 10 Shares$11.16$1120-73.66%Link
2020-08-14Lisa M PateInsiderSold 1 Shares$11$110-73.27%Link
2020-07-30Lisa M PateInsiderSold 20 Shares$10$2000-70.60%Link


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$USX when's the offering?

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$USX This is how I feel everyday holding this gem.

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$USX buy the dip.

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