Tailored Brands Inc (TLRD) Historical Stock Data

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, TLRD is down -1.90% a day on average. There have been 12 days where Tailored Brands Inc closed green and 18 days where TLRD closed red.

2020-07-310.360.30↓$0.06 (-15.81%)0.300.367M
2020-07-300.370.38↑$0.01 (3.97%)0.370.403.50M
2020-07-290.400.40↑$0.00 (0.47%)0.390.433.40M
2020-07-280.460.43↓$0.03 (-5.76%)0.380.4812.39M
2020-07-270.630.60↓$0.03 (-5.07%)0.580.663.99M
2020-07-240.670.66↓$0.01 (-1.07%)0.650.712.65M
2020-07-230.700.68↓$0.02 (-2.92%)0.670.701.28M
2020-07-220.720.70↓$0.02 (-2.64%)0.700.740.94M
2020-07-210.640.72↑$0.08 (13.11%)0.640.783.99M
2020-07-200.680.70↑$0.02 (2.94%)0.660.701.14M
2020-07-170.690.71↑$0.02 (2.90%)0.660.711.29M
2020-07-160.670.68↑$0.01 (1.49%)0.660.691.01M
2020-07-150.670.67↑$0.00 (0.00%)0.660.681.11M
2020-07-140.670.67↑$0.00 (0.00%)0.650.691M
2020-07-130.720.67↓$0.05 (-6.94%)0.640.721.66M
2020-07-100.690.67↓$0.02 (-2.90%)0.640.722.52M
2020-07-090.740.70↓$0.04 (-5.41%)0.680.741.48M
2020-07-080.670.72↑$0.05 (7.46%)0.650.751.86M
2020-07-070.700.67↓$0.03 (-4.29%)0.650.702.38M
2020-07-060.750.68↓$0.07 (-9.33%)0.630.754.03M
2020-07-020.760.71↓$0.05 (-6.58%)0.700.797.18M
2020-07-010.970.90↓$0.07 (-6.74%)0.870.982.19M
2020-06-301.020.94↓$0.08 (-8.04%)0.911.051.94M
2020-06-290.961.01↑$0.05 (5.21%)0.951.063.02M
2020-06-260.900.97↑$0.07 (8.20%)0.891.028.85M
2020-06-250.920.93↑$0.01 (1.41%)0.820.955.19M
2020-06-240.970.90↓$0.07 (-7.22%)0.890.985.55M
2020-06-231.020.99↓$0.03 (-3.20%)0.971.022.76M
2020-06-221.041.00↓$0.04 (-3.85%)0.971.053.30M
2020-06-191.071.00↓$0.07 (-6.54%)1.001.0711.18M
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$TLRD I’ll be buying more if this dips!

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$TLRD This is how I feel everyday holding this gem.

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$TLRD money comes and goes but your story stays with you the rest of your life. Apes for life ??

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$TLRD id rather have a dip then rip than a gap and crap

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$TLRD watch for another rejection up here

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