STMicroelectronics NV ADR (STM) Historical Stock Data

37.80 ↑1.73 (4.80%)
As of Market Close on August 10th, 2022.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, STM is up 0.89% a day on average. There have been 20 days where STMicroelectronics NV ADR closed green and 10 days where STM closed red.

2022-08-1037.7437.80↑$0.06 (0.16%)37.1337.933.73M
2022-08-0937.1436.07↓$1.07 (-2.88%)35.6337.175.47M
2022-08-0838.2738.24↓$0.03 (-0.08%)37.7938.512.66M
2022-08-0538.4038.52↑$0.12 (0.31%)38.0938.822.93M
2022-08-0439.4039.59↑$0.19 (0.48%)39.2539.752.36M
2022-08-0338.5139.28↑$0.77 (2.00%)38.4839.413.17M
2022-08-0238.2338.19↓$0.04 (-0.10%)37.9338.803.20M
2022-08-0138.3138.24↓$0.07 (-0.18%)37.9638.692.42M
2022-07-2937.6737.94↑$0.27 (0.72%)37.4738.003.02M
2022-07-2836.4237.24↑$0.82 (2.25%)36.0237.443.70M
2022-07-2735.1136.33↑$1.22 (3.47%)35.0636.604.98M
2022-07-2634.3334.29↓$0.04 (-0.12%)34.1034.522.90M
2022-07-2535.0135.06↑$0.05 (0.14%)34.7035.183.46M
2022-07-2235.0334.72↓$0.31 (-0.88%)34.3035.163.03M
2022-07-2134.7635.22↑$0.46 (1.32%)34.3935.223.29M
2022-07-2033.8434.65↑$0.81 (2.39%)33.7134.704.50M
2022-07-1932.8934.37↑$1.48 (4.50%)32.8934.414.43M
2022-07-1833.0432.63↓$0.41 (-1.24%)32.4733.313.34M
2022-07-1532.2632.71↑$0.45 (1.39%)31.9432.712.80M
2022-07-1431.2232.04↑$0.82 (2.63%)30.8532.113.41M
2022-07-1330.7931.46↑$0.67 (2.18%)30.7431.673.23M
2022-07-1231.1731.15↓$0.02 (-0.06%)30.9331.422.74M
2022-07-1131.1031.10↑$0.00 (0.00%)30.7931.354.10M
2022-07-0830.7031.24↑$0.54 (1.76%)30.5531.383.01M
2022-07-0730.3130.82↑$0.51 (1.68%)30.3130.893.13M
2022-07-0629.7030.08↑$0.38 (1.28%)29.5630.294.37M
2022-07-0528.4329.56↑$1.13 (3.97%)28.3529.575.81M
2022-07-0130.6830.40↓$0.28 (-0.91%)29.9530.933.57M
2022-06-3031.0831.47↑$0.39 (1.25%)30.5531.773.96M
2022-06-2932.4732.24↓$0.23 (-0.71%)31.9632.472.87M
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$STM it's just a matter of time and patience...

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$STM we always finish green after a red week. Less go!

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$STM why is this not moving lol

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$STM when is the casino going to reopen. I want some money

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$STM I'm friggin bored. Just give us our money already

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$STM id rather have a dip then rip than a gap and crap

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$STM Monday I'm out Apes
going to enjoy these gains

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