Impinj Inc (PI) Insider Transactions

120.14 ↓1.40 (-1.15%)
As of December 2, 2022, 12:09pm EST.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-07-02Chris Ph.D. DiorioCEOSold 1 Shares$49.63$500142.07%Link
2021-06-16Jeffrey DossettCROSold 2 Shares$49.49$990142.76%Link
2021-06-16Chris Ph.D. DiorioCEOSold 2 Shares$49.49$990142.76%Link
2021-06-16Cary BakerCFOSold 1 Shares$49.47$490142.85%Link
2021-06-02Jeffrey DossettCROSold 1 Shares$52.56$530128.58%Link
2021-05-25Cary BakerCFOSold 1 Shares$49.9$5024140.76%Link
2021-05-05Jeffrey DossettCROSold 1 Shares$50.38$5034138.47%Link
2021-04-05Chris Ph.D. DiorioCEOSold 1 Shares$58.73$59288104.56%Link
2021-03-13Cathal G. PhelanDirectorBought 2 Shares$17.98$360568.19%Link
2021-02-17Oppen Peter H VanDirectorSold 25 Shares$70.6$1,7654370.17%Link
2021-02-02Jeffrey DossettCROSold 441 Shares$56.2$24,78430113.77%Link
2021-01-13Chris Ph.D. DiorioCEOSold 10 Shares$54.25$543263121.46%Link
2021-01-11Chris Ph.D. DiorioCEOSold 10 Shares$50$500273140.28%Link
2021-01-06Chris Ph.D. DiorioCEOSold 9 Shares$44.82$403276168.05%Link
2020-12-23Chris Ph.D. DiorioCEOSold 2 Shares$45$90272166.98%Link
2020-12-08Jeffrey DossettCROSold 2 Shares$42.36$8524183.62%Link
2020-11-30Chris Ph.D. DiorioCEOSold 5 Shares$40$200274200.35%Link
2020-11-10Sylebra Capital LtdDirectorBought 391 Shares$31.09$12,1560286.43%Link
2020-11-02Jeffrey DossettCROSold 595 Shares$26.39$15,70222355.25%Link
2020-10-02Chris Ph.D. DiorioCEOSold 1 Shares$28.33$28284324.07%Link
2020-08-03Jeffrey DossettEVPSold 2 Shares$23.35$4723414.52%Link


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$PI the trend is your friend
until the end.

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$PI what V recovery or fake pump

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$PI eyeing for a scalp

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$PI Bears always win...
Bulls have to be forever bagholders....

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$PI we always finish green after a red week. Less go!

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