Ohmyhome Limited Ordinary Shares (OMH) Historical Stock Data

4.34 ↑0.00 (0.00%)
As of March 29, 2023, 10:30am EST.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, OMH is up 2.06% a day on average. There have been 4 days where Ohmyhome Limited Ordinary Shares closed green and 1 days where OMH closed red.

2023-03-284.274.34↑$0.07 (1.64%)4.185.19276.79K
2023-03-274.214.34↑$0.13 (3.09%)4.194.4031.14K
2023-03-244.134.29↑$0.16 (3.86%)4.134.3140.13K
2023-03-234.104.18↑$0.08 (1.95%)4.064.2092.11K
2023-03-224.154.14↓$0.01 (-0.24%)4.074.1525.49K
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$OMH who else finds themselves here after liquidating their positions for a loss only to bash on how seriously fcked up the stock market is

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