India Globalization Capital Inc (IGC) Historical Stock Data

0.48 ↑0.03 (5.71%)
As of July 18, 2024, 2:56pm EST.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, IGC is up 0.51% a day on average. There have been 18 days where India Globalization Capital Inc closed green and 12 days where IGC closed red.

2024-07-180.460.48↑$0.02 (4.57%)0.460.50653.25K
2024-07-170.460.46↓$0.01 (-1.09%)0.440.46182.78K
2024-07-160.440.45↑$0.01 (3.24%)0.430.46223.31K
2024-07-150.460.45↓$0.01 (-3.05%)0.450.46129.09K
2024-07-120.420.44↑$0.02 (4.99%)0.420.47198.44K
2024-07-110.420.44↑$0.02 (4.71%)0.420.44155.26K
2024-07-100.450.42↓$0.03 (-7.13%)0.420.45129.16K
2024-07-090.420.43↑$0.02 (3.76%)0.420.44185.54K
2024-07-080.410.41↑$0.00 (0.00%)0.410.42120.43K
2024-07-050.430.41↓$0.02 (-5.11%)0.400.43162.22K
2024-07-030.450.43↓$0.02 (-4.89%)0.420.4564.30K
2024-07-020.430.43↑$0.00 (0.96%)0.420.4459.26K
2024-07-010.440.44↑$0.00 (0.27%)0.420.4467.15K
2024-06-280.420.43↑$0.01 (2.55%)0.410.44103.46K
2024-06-270.410.43↑$0.01 (2.66%)0.410.4492.02K
2024-06-260.420.42↑$0.01 (1.30%)0.410.44122.47K
2024-06-250.440.43↓$0.01 (-1.95%)0.410.46489.92K
2024-06-240.460.47↑$0.01 (1.76%)0.440.49201.04K
2024-06-210.420.55↑$0.13 (31.58%)0.390.55428.36K
2024-06-200.400.40↑$0.00 (0.15%)0.400.41186.64K
2024-06-180.440.40↓$0.04 (-8.72%)0.400.45203.29K
2024-06-170.410.41↓$0.00 (-0.07%)0.410.43105.74K
2024-06-140.420.42↓$0.01 (-1.39%)0.400.43184.82K
2024-06-130.440.43↓$0.01 (-2.71%)0.390.47255.13K
2024-06-120.450.45↑$0.00 (0.69%)0.440.46193.90K
2024-06-110.440.45↑$0.01 (2.13%)0.440.46187.52K
2024-06-100.470.43↓$0.03 (-7.38%)0.430.47226.39K
2024-06-070.430.43↑$0.00 (0.44%)0.430.45204.18K
2024-06-060.470.43↓$0.04 (-7.91%)0.430.47227.51K
2024-06-050.470.47↑$0.00 (0.98%)0.470.49184.37K
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$IGC do what the markets tells you to do not the other way around

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$IGC why is there no volume? Is that suspicious?

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$IGC what a horse shit show!

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$IGC rocket fuel tanks are full. Gonna shoot to the stars

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$IGC Price target here?

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$IGC who else finds themselves here after liquidating their positions for a loss only to bash on how seriously fcked up the stock market is

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