Schwab Fundamental U.S. Small Company Index ETF (FNDA) Historical Stock Data

48.77 ↓1.26 (-2.52%)
As of Market Close on December 5th, 2022.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, FNDA is up 0.09% a day on average. There have been 18 days where Schwab Fundamental U.S. Small Company Index ETF closed green and 12 days where FNDA closed red.

2022-12-0549.7748.77↓$1.00 (-2.01%)48.6649.77295.17K
2022-12-0249.2750.03↑$0.76 (1.54%)49.2750.24273.24K
2022-12-0150.3349.94↓$0.39 (-0.77%)49.8350.44197.37K
2022-11-3049.0450.11↑$1.07 (2.18%)48.4650.11246.62K
2022-11-2948.7448.90↑$0.16 (0.33%)48.7449.10201.77K
2022-11-2849.2148.68↓$0.53 (-1.08%)48.5649.34150.74K
2022-11-2549.4849.66↑$0.18 (0.36%)49.4049.7787.12K
2022-11-2349.3849.49↑$0.11 (0.22%)49.1849.62154.79K
2022-11-2249.1049.45↑$0.35 (0.71%)49.0049.46184.55K
2022-11-2148.7348.84↑$0.11 (0.23%)48.5048.89186.15K
2022-11-1849.1749.01↓$0.16 (-0.33%)48.6349.30218.22K
2022-11-1748.2148.64↑$0.43 (0.89%)48.0848.66219.45K
2022-11-1649.4248.88↓$0.54 (-1.09%)48.8149.42156.85K
2022-11-1549.7549.74↓$0.01 (-0.02%)49.3950.13203.93K
2022-11-1449.3149.02↓$0.29 (-0.59%)48.9749.74297.40K
2022-11-1149.3649.50↑$0.14 (0.28%)49.1949.86200.14K
2022-11-1048.2649.15↑$0.89 (1.84%)48.2149.15328.27K
2022-11-0947.2146.46↓$0.75 (-1.59%)46.4147.37241.08K
2022-11-0847.6647.58↓$0.08 (-0.17%)47.1948.10165.94K
2022-11-0747.3847.57↑$0.19 (0.40%)47.0547.62207.72K
2022-11-0447.1347.15↑$0.02 (0.04%)46.3847.38269.34K
2022-11-0346.1146.38↑$0.27 (0.59%)45.6546.68211.53K
2022-11-0248.0046.59↓$1.41 (-2.94%)46.5848.26174.43K
2022-11-0148.4948.13↓$0.36 (-0.74%)47.9248.49282.24K
2022-10-3147.6647.92↑$0.26 (0.55%)47.5348.12238.74K
2022-10-2847.0047.87↑$0.87 (1.85%)46.7647.90226.57K
2022-10-2747.1446.87↓$0.27 (-0.57%)46.8347.50320.87K
2022-10-2646.7646.81↑$0.05 (0.11%)46.5647.54233.02K
2022-10-2545.5746.64↑$1.07 (2.35%)45.5246.76177.45K
2022-10-2445.4645.53↑$0.07 (0.15%)45.0445.65333.36K
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$FNDA gonna take my L with this one

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$FNDA hang tight
ignore fud and buy dips if you can
everyone be okay????

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$FNDA hold and buy… go green go!!!

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$FNDA the greatest stock of all time
will not bow to the shorts
oh yeah

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$FNDA This may be your last opportunity to buy on the cheap??

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$FNDA Waiting waiting waiting — you know for what !!! Announcement!!!

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$FNDA Same thing
different day

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