Franklin Liberty U.S. Treasury Bond ETF (FLGV) Historical Stock Data

21.21 ↓0.02 (-0.07%)
As of January 23, 2023, 3:35pm EST.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, FLGV is up 0.03% a day on average. There have been 16 days where Franklin Liberty U.S. Treasury Bond ETF closed green and 14 days where FLGV closed red.

2023-01-2721.2021.21↑$0.01 (0.05%)21.1921.211.31K
2023-01-2621.2221.22↑$0.00 (0.02%)21.2121.253.48K
2023-01-2521.2721.26↓$0.02 (-0.07%)21.2321.2924.10K
2023-01-2421.1521.25↑$0.10 (0.47%)21.1521.266.17K
2023-01-2321.1721.16↓$0.01 (-0.04%)21.1521.1732.71K
2023-01-2021.2021.20↑$0.00 (0.02%)21.1921.23134.58K
2023-01-1921.3321.31↓$0.02 (-0.09%)21.2921.332.39K
2023-01-1821.3121.35↑$0.04 (0.19%)21.2821.352.40K
2023-01-1721.1621.16↑$0.00 (0.02%)21.1521.1964.25K
2023-01-1321.2421.17↓$0.07 (-0.33%)21.1621.2437.70K
2023-01-1221.1421.26↑$0.11 (0.54%)21.1421.2624.87K
2023-01-1121.0821.11↑$0.03 (0.14%)21.0721.1113.84K
2023-01-1021.0621.01↓$0.04 (-0.20%)20.9921.0622.20K
2023-01-0921.1221.09↓$0.03 (-0.16%)21.0921.1384.23K
2023-01-0621.0321.08↑$0.04 (0.21%)21.0321.082.35K
2023-01-0520.8320.89↑$0.07 (0.31%)20.8320.8918.32K
2023-01-0420.8820.91↑$0.02 (0.11%)20.8820.9140.12K
2023-01-0320.8620.80↓$0.06 (-0.28%)20.7920.8619.49K
2022-12-3020.6820.70↑$0.02 (0.12%)20.6820.7692.10K
2022-12-2920.7120.77↑$0.06 (0.29%)20.7120.773.06K
2022-12-2820.7420.70↓$0.04 (-0.22%)20.6920.7437.20K
2022-12-2720.7520.74↓$0.02 (-0.07%)20.7220.753.68K
2022-12-2320.8920.86↓$0.03 (-0.13%)20.8520.8928.19K
2022-12-2220.9620.94↓$0.02 (-0.10%)20.9420.9744.62K
2022-12-2120.9820.95↓$0.04 (-0.17%)20.9320.987.62K
2022-12-2020.9520.93↓$0.02 (-0.12%)20.9120.9525.96K
2022-12-1921.0421.01↓$0.03 (-0.14%)21.0121.0529.23K
2022-12-1621.1021.15↑$0.05 (0.24%)21.1021.167.87K
2022-12-1521.2321.24↑$0.00 (0.02%)21.2321.2739.84K
2022-12-1421.2021.24↑$0.04 (0.19%)21.1721.2419.68K
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$FLGV money comes and goes but your story stays with you the rest of your life. Apes for life ??

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$FLGV what caused the sell off in an otherwise good tech market today?

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$FLGV watch for another rejection up here

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$FLGV always with good potential for a long term Hodl

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$FLGV If options never existed
what do you think this stock would be trading at?

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$FLGV recovery hasn’t even started yet.. imo

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