EyeGate Pharmaceuticals Inc (EYEG) Historical Stock Data

1.95 ↑0.00 (0.00%)
As of Market Close on November 5th, 2021.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, EYEG is up 0.09% a day on average. There have been 15 days where EyeGate Pharmaceuticals Inc closed green and 15 days where EYEG closed red.

2021-11-051.991.95↓$0.04 (-1.77%)1.922.00319.50K
2021-11-042.001.98↓$0.02 (-1.00%)1.952.08514.87K
2021-11-032.101.98↓$0.12 (-5.71%)1.932.10815.46K
2021-11-021.982.11↑$0.13 (6.57%)1.962.13715.20K
2021-11-011.931.99↑$0.06 (3.11%)1.912.00352.87K
2021-10-291.871.90↑$0.03 (1.60%)1.861.94340.17K
2021-10-281.921.89↓$0.03 (-1.56%)1.861.96454.52K
2021-10-272.021.93↓$0.09 (-4.46%)1.912.03402.93K
2021-10-261.982.03↑$0.05 (2.53%)1.902.051.15M
2021-10-251.881.95↑$0.07 (3.72%)1.801.97868.09K
2021-10-221.981.86↓$0.12 (-6.06%)1.801.991.63M
2021-10-212.101.99↓$0.11 (-5.24%)1.942.191.18M
2021-10-202.042.08↑$0.04 (1.96%)2.032.15631.55K
2021-10-191.942.04↑$0.10 (5.15%)1.912.081.06M
2021-10-181.931.95↑$0.02 (1.04%)1.911.97518.26K
2021-10-152.061.94↓$0.12 (-5.83%)1.932.06808.16K
2021-10-142.062.04↓$0.02 (-0.97%)2.012.12759.54K
2021-10-131.952.06↑$0.11 (5.64%)1.932.071.68M
2021-10-121.961.97↑$0.01 (0.51%)1.912.031.13M
2021-10-111.851.90↑$0.05 (2.70%)1.841.971.16M
2021-10-081.841.85↑$0.01 (0.54%)1.821.88769.97K
2021-10-071.801.86↑$0.06 (3.33%)1.801.951.93M
2021-10-061.791.79↑$0.00 (0.00%)1.731.842.02M
2021-10-051.851.81↓$0.04 (-2.16%)1.781.921.98M
2021-10-042.011.82↓$0.19 (-9.45%)1.782.142.76M
2021-10-012.112.02↓$0.09 (-4.27%)2.012.303.47M
2021-09-301.862.25↑$0.39 (20.97%)1.832.3414.19M
2021-09-291.921.83↓$0.09 (-4.69%)1.761.942.33M
2021-09-281.941.91↓$0.03 (-1.55%)1.861.981.23M
2021-09-271.971.93↓$0.04 (-2.09%)1.922.021.38M
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$EYEG hang tight
ignore fud and buy dips if you can
everyone be okay????

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$EYEG buy and hodl friends. we may be early
but we are not wrong. very soon.

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$EYEG I don't know shit
but I know I'm holdin till I at least triple up

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$EYEG I already know
tomorrow the bulls going to say "next week" just like every week.

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