Dimensional ETF Trust (DUHP) Historical Stock Data

24.80 ↑0.58 (2.39%)
As of Market Close on May 27th, 2022.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, DUHP is down nan% a day on average. There have been 12 days where Dimensional ETF Trust closed green and 3 days where DUHP closed red.

2022-05-2724.4424.80↑$0.36 (1.47%)24.3924.80229.73K
2022-05-2624.0024.22↑$0.22 (0.92%)24.0024.31869.48K
2022-05-2523.3123.63↑$0.32 (1.37%)23.3123.741.68M
2022-05-2423.2223.32↑$0.10 (0.43%)22.9623.403.14M
2022-05-2323.2923.46↑$0.17 (0.73%)23.1723.533.33M
2022-05-2023.4223.13↓$0.29 (-1.24%)22.5923.42462.50K
2022-05-1923.2723.20↓$0.07 (-0.30%)23.0623.51517.42K
2022-05-1824.1423.42↓$0.72 (-2.96%)23.3524.14396.97K
2022-05-1724.4124.53↑$0.12 (0.49%)24.2224.54558.69K
2022-05-1624.0024.08↑$0.08 (0.33%)23.9124.29321.07K
2022-03-2526.2926.36↑$0.07 (0.28%)26.1826.40257.40K
2022-03-0425.4725.47↑$0.00 (0.00%)25.2025.52276.67K
2022-02-2525.2025.43↑$0.23 (0.92%)25.1925.4636.70K
2022-02-2424.2924.92↑$0.63 (2.59%)24.1924.930.94M
2022-02-230.000.00↑$0.00 (nan%)0.000.000
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$DUHP Buy it up so it crashes harder in the next two trading days

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