XOMA Corp (XOMA) Insider Transactions

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As of Market Close on August 8th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-25James R. NealCEOSold 9 Shares$33.62$30313-38.79%Link
2021-03-31Bvf Partners L P/IlDirectorSold 569 Shares$38.36$21,8270-46.35%Link
2020-12-15Thomas M BurnsCFOSold 15 Shares$41.41$62121-50.30%Link
2020-12-15James R NealCEOSold 26 Shares$41.35$1,07546-50.23%Link
2020-12-11Matthew D PerryInsiderBought 200 Shares$25$5,0000-17.68%Link
2020-11-23James R NealCEOSold 13 Shares$32.96$42827-37.56%Link
2020-11-23Thomas M BurnsCFOSold 5 Shares$32.93$16513-37.50%Link
2020-11-20James R NealCEOSold 6 Shares$32.52$19527-36.72%Link
2020-11-20Thomas M BurnsCFOSold 6 Shares$32.52$19513-36.72%Link
2020-11-05Thomas M BurnsCFOSold 8 Shares$26.11$20914-21.18%Link
2020-11-05James R NealCEOSold 10 Shares$26.02$26030-20.91%Link
2020-09-23Value Fund L P BiotechnologyMajor ShareholderBought 51 Shares$18.34$935012.21%Link
2020-09-23Bvf Partners L P/IlDirectorBought 17 Shares$18.2$309013.08%Link
2020-09-21Bvf Partners L P/IlDirectorBought 22 Shares$18.39$405011.91%Link
2020-09-04Bvf Partners L P/IlDirectorBought 7 Shares$18.77$13109.64%Link
2020-09-01Value Fund L P BiotechnologyMajor ShareholderBought 35 Shares$18.71$65509.99%Link
2020-08-31Bvf Partners L P/IlDirectorBought 16 Shares$18.48$296011.36%Link
2020-08-28Bvf Partners L P/IlDirectorBought 2 Shares$19.17$3807.36%Link
2020-08-25Value Fund L P BiotechnologyMajor ShareholderBought 28 Shares$19.4$54306.08%Link
2020-08-24Bvf Partners L P/IlDirectorBought 11 Shares$19.31$21206.58%Link
2020-08-20Bvf Partners L P/IlMajor ShareholderBought 1 Shares$19.12$1907.64%Link
2020-08-18Bvf Partners L P/IlMajor ShareholderBought 895 Shares$19.27$17,24706.80%Link
2020-08-14Bvf Partners L P/IlMajor ShareholderBought 21 Shares$18.69$392010.11%Link
2020-08-12Bvf Partners L P/IlMajor ShareholderBought 4 Shares$17.34$69018.69%Link


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$XOMA Exciting times ahead people.

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$XOMA Not Selling
Hodling for thousands!

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$XOMA when this finally break out we could see huge upside

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