Western Union Co (WU) Insider Transactions

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As of Market Close on August 9th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-05-17Rajesh K AgrawalCFOSold 109 Shares$24.95$2,720519-34.71%Link
2021-04-01Andrew SummerillInsiderSold 2 Shares$24.75$500-34.18%Link
2021-03-18Caroline TsaiInsiderSold 7 Shares$24.85$17480-34.45%Link
2021-03-11Jacqueline D MolnarInsiderSold 1 Shares$24.67$2570-33.97%Link
2021-03-08Richard L WilliamsInsiderSold 10 Shares$25$250142-34.84%Link
2021-02-25Jacqueline D MolnarInsiderSold 7 Shares$23.74$16672-31.38%Link
2021-02-23Rajesh K AgrawalCFOSold 16 Shares$23.45$3750-30.53%Link
2021-02-23Jean Claude FarahInsiderSold 28 Shares$23.45$6570-30.53%Link
2021-02-22Hikmet ErsekCEOSold 233 Shares$23.91$5,5711-31.87%Link
2021-02-19Khalid FellahiInsiderSold 16 Shares$23.84$381160-31.67%Link
2020-12-11Caroline TsaiInsiderSold 4 Shares$21.7$8756-24.93%Link
2020-12-04Richard L WilliamsInsiderSold 15 Shares$21.92$329129-25.68%Link


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$WU almost time for the running

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$WU now is the time to slap that ask!!!

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$WU lets go <3

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