Valvoline Inc (VVV) Insider Transactions

28.68 ↑0.31 (1.09%)
As of Market Close on August 5th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2020-12-01Craig A MoughlerSVPSold 1 Shares$23.25$231523.35%Link
2020-11-27Heidi J MatheysCMOSold 2 Shares$22.83$462725.62%Link
2020-11-20Jamal K MuashsherSVPSold 419 Shares$22.05$9,239430.07%Link
2020-11-20Julie Marie O'danielInsiderSold 444 Shares$22.05$9,7901030.07%Link
2020-11-16Thomas A Gerrald IIVPSold 4 Shares$22.64$91826.68%Link
2020-11-16Jamal K MuashsherSVPSold 5 Shares$22.64$113426.68%Link
2020-11-16Julie Marie O'danielInsiderSold 802 Shares$22.64$18,157926.68%Link
2020-11-09Heidi J MatheysCMOSold 1 Shares$23.24$232123.41%Link
2020-10-05Craig A MoughlerSVPSold 9 Shares$20$1801543.40%Link
2020-09-17Julie Marie O'danielInsiderSold 25 Shares$20.49$512639.97%Link
2020-09-17Anthony R PuckettSVPSold 49 Shares$20.49$1,004239.97%Link
2020-09-15Julie Marie O'danielInsiderSold 4 Shares$20.95$84636.90%Link
2020-09-15Heidi J MatheysCMOSold 5 Shares$20.95$1053236.90%Link
2020-09-15Anthony R PuckettSVPSold 9 Shares$20.95$189236.90%Link
2020-08-10Julie Marie O'danielInsiderSold 1 Shares$21.84$22031.32%Link
2020-08-05Craig A MoughlerSVPSold 9 Shares$22$1981530.36%Link


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$VVV we need those buyers and volume.

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$VVV puts r going to print tomorrow

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