Fresh Vine Wine, Inc. (VINE) Historical Stock Data

4.92 ↓0.17 (-3.34%)
As of Market Close on January 26th, 2022.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, VINE is down -3.50% a day on average. There have been 1 days where Fresh Vine Wine, Inc. closed green and 8 days where VINE closed red.

2022-01-264.954.92↓$0.03 (-0.61%)4.875.691.20M
2022-01-255.225.09↓$0.13 (-2.49%)4.835.57251.80K
2022-01-245.685.45↓$0.23 (-4.05%)4.975.84224.88K
2022-01-216.405.95↓$0.45 (-7.03%)5.766.55575.49K
2022-01-206.696.60↓$0.09 (-1.35%)
2022-01-196.746.70↓$0.04 (-0.59%)6.137.465.44M
2022-01-185.125.60↑$0.48 (9.38%)5.016.13579.14K
2021-12-157.147.12↓$0.02 (-0.28%)6.587.85372.29K
2021-12-149.337.05↓$2.28 (-24.44%)6.819.331.25M
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$VINE I’m not saying you guys are a bunch of whores
but I’m also not not saying it

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