Tyler Technologies Inc (TYL) Insider Transactions

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As of Market Close on July 1st, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-15Brian K MillerCFOSold 3 Shares$430.62$1,29229-22.47%Link
2021-06-14John S Marr JrChairmanSold 16 Shares$430.45$6,88758-22.43%Link
2021-06-07John S Marr JrChairmanSold 10 Shares$408.3$4,08374-18.23%Link
2021-05-18John S Marr JrChairmanSold 10 Shares$397.09$3,97184-15.92%Link
2021-05-12Luther King JrDirectorSold 7 Shares$387.7$2,71480-13.88%Link
2021-03-01Donald R BrattainDirectorSold 3 Shares$477.58$1,4334-30.09%Link
2021-02-26H Lynn Moore JrCEOSold 16 Shares$466.11$7,45881-28.37%Link
2021-02-25Dustin R WombleDirectorSold 7 Shares$471.91$3,303145-29.25%Link
2021-02-25John S Marr JrChairmanSold 13 Shares$466.47$6,06479-28.42%Link
2021-02-17Daniel M PopeDirectorSold 705 Shares$464.57$327,5223-28.13%Link
2021-02-17John S Marr JrChairmanSold 15 Shares$466.4$6,996107-28.41%Link
2020-12-15H Lynn Moore JrCEOSold 5 Shares$450$2,25070-25.80%Link
2020-12-09H Lynn Moore JrCEOSold 10 Shares$447.1$4,47174-25.32%Link
2020-12-09John S Marr JrChairmanSold 20 Shares$445.19$8,904103-25.00%Link
2020-12-09Brian K MillerCFOSold 6 Shares$445.01$2,67047-24.97%Link
2020-12-01John S Marr JrChairmanSold 10 Shares$429.99$4,300128-22.35%Link
2020-11-24John S Marr JrChairmanSold 10 Shares$410.34$4,103138-18.63%Link
2020-11-16H Lynn Moore JrCEOSold 10 Shares$412.28$4,12375-19.02%Link
2020-09-15H Lynn Moore JrCEOSold 7 Shares$355$2,48573-5.95%Link
2020-09-02John S Marr JrChairmanSold 16 Shares$347.28$5,556152-3.86%Link
2020-08-19Dustin R WombleDirectorSold 10 Shares$338.18$3,382146-1.27%Link


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$TYL gonna take my L with this one

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$TYL used to this fuckery!! Not leaving no chance !

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$TYL search and destroy bears!!

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$TYL Was last two days consolidation??

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$TYL I still don’t wanna buy it

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