TCF Financial Corporation (TCFCP) Insider Transactions

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-08SHAFER THOMAS CDirector, COO, Executive Vice ChairmanSold 66,969 Shares$46.16$3,091,289157,289-100.00%Link
2021-05-13TERPSMA DANIEL WOfficer, EVP, Middle Market BankingSold 4,000 Shares$46.18$184,72038,324-100.00%Link
2021-03-11Maass Brian WOfficer, EVP, CFOSold 22,774 Shares$47.97$1,092,46974,199-100.00%Link
2021-03-08Kuohn Sandra D.Officer, EVP, Chief HCM OfficerSold 2,067 Shares$48.61$100,47752,515-100.00%Link
2021-03-03Jackson Andrew JOfficer, Chief Risk OfficerSold 6,192 Shares$48$297,21632,232-100.00%Link
2021-03-02TERPSMA DANIEL WOfficer, EVP, Middle Market BankingSold 3,000 Shares$46.55$139,65039,741-100.00%Link
2021-02-22Jackson Andrew JOfficer, Chief Risk OfficerSold 15,000 Shares$45.8$687,00035,054-100.00%Link
2021-02-18Maass Brian WOfficer, EVP, CFOSold 11,564 Shares$43.26$500,25978,781-100.00%Link
2021-02-04Maass Brian WOfficer, EVP, CFOSold 21,320 Shares$41.62$887,33890,345-100.00%Link
2021-02-02Butterfield Thomas JohnOfficer, EVP, Chief Tech/Oper OffcrSold 19,940 Shares$39.42$786,03568,368-100.00%Link


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$TCFCP i'm out of slaps for the day

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$TCFCP I’m selling y’all have fun bag holding

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$TCFCP added more calls on that drop

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