Stabilis Solutions Inc (SLNG) Ownership

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As of November 23, 2022, 2:54pm EST.

Institutional Ownership

Tieton Capital Management, LLC is the biggest individual institutional holder of Stabilis Solutions Inc (SLNG), owning a total of 235 thousand shares. Combined, the top 53 institutional holders of SLNG own 13.58% of the company with a total of 2.4 million shares.

In the latest ownership report, the top 53 institutional holders have increased their combined ownership of SLNG by 110 thousand shares, a 4.34% increase from the quarter prior.

Institution Ownership Chart

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Top Institutions

OwnerPercent OwnedPercent ChangeShares OwnedShare ChangeDate Reported
Tieton Capital Management, LLC1.343%0.028%234,907652021-06-30
Tieton Capital Management, LLC1.350%7.299%234,84215,9762021-03-31
Tieton Capital Management, LLC1.292%-2.721%228,515-6,3922021-09-30
Tieton Capital Management, LLC1.197%-7.299%211,835-16,6802021-12-31
Tieton Capital Management, LLC1.067%-8.342%194,164-17,6712022-03-31
Tieton Capital Management, LLC1.054%-0.796%192,619-1,5452022-06-30
Tieton Capital Management, LLC1.047%-0.037%192,547-722022-09-30
Vanguard Group Inc0.368%53.672%67,32223,5132022-06-30
Sfmg LLC0.321%0.000%58,62202022-06-30
Sfmg LLC0.335%0.000%58,62258,6222021-06-30
Sfmg LLC0.322%0.000%58,62202022-03-31
Sfmg LLC0.331%0.000%58,62202021-12-31
Sfmg LLC0.331%0.000%58,62202021-09-30
Argent Trust Co0.319%0.000%58,31802022-06-30
Argent Trust Co0.321%0.000%58,31802022-03-31
Argent Trust Co0.330%3.551%58,3182,0002021-09-30
Argent Trust Co0.330%0.000%58,31802021-12-31
Argent Trust Co0.322%0.000%56,31856,3182021-06-30
Vanguard Group Inc0.250%0.000%43,80943,8092021-06-30
Vanguard Group Inc0.248%0.000%43,80902021-09-30
Vanguard Group Inc0.248%0.000%43,80902021-12-31
Vanguard Group Inc0.240%0.000%43,80902022-03-31
Millennium Management LLC0.098%0.000%17,06317,0632021-06-30
Millennium Management LLC0.096%-0.123%17,042-212021-09-30
Renaissance Technologies Corp0.089%0.000%15,60015,6002021-06-30
Renaissance Technologies Corp0.083%0.685%14,7001002021-12-31
Renaissance Technologies Corp0.083%-6.410%14,600-1,0002021-09-30
BlackRock Inc0.037%2.728%6,5911752021-12-31
BlackRock Inc0.038%0.000%6,5566,5562021-06-30
Tower Research Capital LLC0.013%127.688%2,3931,3422022-06-30
UBS Group AG0.013%405.023%2,2121,7742021-12-31
UBS Group AG0.012%-3.888%2,126-862022-03-31
Tower Research Capital LLC0.011%443.296%1,9451,5872021-12-31
Lee Financial Corp0.008%0.000%1,50002022-06-30
Lee Financial Corp0.009%0.000%1,5001,5002021-06-30
Lee Financial Corp0.008%0.000%1,5001,5002022-03-31
Lee Financial Corp0.009%0.000%1,50002021-09-30
Tower Research Capital LLC0.006%-45.964%1,051-8942022-03-31
UBS Group AG0.003%0.000%4384382021-06-30
Tower Research Capital LLC0.002%83.590%3581632021-09-30
Tower Research Capital LLC0.001%0.000%1951952021-06-30
Federated Hermes Inc0.000%0.000%66662021-09-30
Wells Fargo & Co0.000%13.333%1722022-06-30
Wells Fargo & Co0.000%0.000%16162021-06-30
Wells Fargo & Co0.000%0.000%1502021-12-31
Wells Fargo & Co0.000%0.000%1502022-03-31
Wells Fargo & Co0.000%-6.250%15-12021-09-30
Millennium Management LLC0.000%-100.000%0-17,0422021-12-31
Lee Financial Corp0.000%-100.000%0-1,5002021-12-31
Federated Hermes Inc0.000%-100.000%0-662021-12-31
UBS Group AG0.000%-100.000%0-2,1262022-06-30
Sfmg LLC0.000%-100.000%0-58,6222022-09-30
Renaissance Technologies Corp0.000%-100.000%0-14,7002022-03-31

Mutual Fund Ownership

Tieton Small Cap Value is the biggest individual fund holder of Stabilis Solutions Inc (SLNG), owning a total of 235 thousand shares. Combined, the top 27 mutual fund holders of SLNG own 2.82% of the company with a total of 497 thousand shares.

In the latest ownership report, the top 27 mutual funds have increased their combined ownership of SLNG by 198 thousand shares, a 28.48% increase from the quarter prior.

Mutual Funds Chart

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Top Mutual Funds

OwnerPercent OwnedPercent ChangeShares OwnedShare ChangeDate Reported
Tieton Small Cap Value1.350%0.028%234,907652021-06-30
Vanguard Instl Ttl Stck Mkt Idx Tr0.368%0.000%67,32267,3222022-06-30
Pleiades Small Cap Equity A0.360%30.351%62,70014,5992021-03-31
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv0.252%0.000%43,80943,8092021-06-30
Vanguard Extended Market Index Investor0.139%0.000%25,62125,6212022-10-31
Fidelity® Extended Market Index0.089%0.000%16,33716,3372022-09-30
Acuitas US Microcap Institutional0.067%27.888%11,6252,5352021-03-31
Fidelity® Series Total Market Index0.041%0.000%7,5347,5342022-09-30
iShares Micro-Cap ETF0.035%0.000%6,14502021-06-30
Acuitas US Microcap Strategy0.031%0.000%5,6005,6002022-06-30
DFA US Core Equity 1 I0.015%0.000%2,6422,6422022-07-31
DFA US Core Equity 2 I0.013%0.000%2,4092,4092022-06-30
DFA US Vector Equity I0.011%0.000%2,0372,0372022-06-30
Northern Trust Extended Eq Market Idx0.011%0.000%1,8851,8852021-09-30
NT Ext Equity Mkt Idx Fd - L0.011%0.000%1,8851,8852021-09-30
Fidelity® Total Market Index0.010%0.000%1,7831,7832021-08-31
Fidelity® NASDAQ Composite Index®0.006%0.000%1,0631,0632021-06-30
Dimensional US Small Cap Value ETF0.003%0.000%50002022-05-31
USAA Extended Market Index0.003%-2.911%467-142021-03-31
1290 VT Micro Cap K0.002%0.000%4114112021-06-30
Spartan Total Market Index Pool E0.001%0.000%2502502022-06-30
State St US Extended Mkt Indx NL Cl C0.001%0.000%1001002021-10-31
SSgA U.S. Extended Market Index Class I0.001%0.000%1001002021-12-31
Dimensional US Targeted Value ETF0.000%0.000%4602021-08-31
DFA Tax-Managed US Targeted Value0.000%0.000%4602021-08-31
Dimensional US Core Equity 2 ETF0.000%0.000%4502022-07-29
SSgA U.S. Total Market Index Strategy0.000%0.000%30302021-12-31


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