Silvergate Capital Corp (SI) Insider Transactions

27.43 ↑1.54 (5.95%)
As of Market Close on November 30th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-10Alan J LaneCEOSold 11 Shares$101.31$1,11475-72.92%Link
2021-06-08Alan J LaneCEOSold 75 Shares$105.61$7,92175-74.03%Link
2021-06-01Karen F BrassfieldDirectorSold 4 Shares$117.3$4690-76.62%Link
2021-05-27Scott A. ReedDirectorSold 10 Shares$115.47$1,15512-76.24%Link
2021-05-17Karen F BrassfieldDirectorSold 10 Shares$88.53$8850-69.02%Link
2021-03-12Scott A ReedDirectorSold 55 Shares$137.14$7,5432-80.00%Link
2021-03-11Derek J EiseleEVPSold 17 Shares$127.86$2,17415-78.55%Link
2021-02-24Derek J EiseleEVPSold 28 Shares$140.16$3,92428-80.43%Link
2021-02-24Scott A ReedDirectorSold 5 Shares$140$7002-80.41%Link
2021-02-22Karen F BrassfieldDirectorSold 4 Shares$160.74$64328-82.94%Link
2020-12-14Scott A ReedDirectorSold 426 Shares$40$17,0402-31.43%Link
2020-12-08Thomas C DircksDirectorSold 60 Shares$40.66$2,44059-32.54%Link
2020-12-07Derek J EiseleEVPSold 595 Shares$44.55$26,507595-38.43%Link
2020-12-02Derek J EiseleEVPSold 5 Shares$39.3$197595-30.20%Link
2020-12-01Karen F BrassfieldDirectorSold 2 Shares$36$7216-23.81%Link
2020-11-30Kathleen FraherCOOSold 565 Shares$35.86$20,26120-23.51%Link
2020-11-18Paul D ColucciDirectorSold 10 Shares$30.08$3010-8.81%Link
2020-09-03Son-Jai PaikEVPBought 10 Shares$15.23$152080.11%Link
2020-08-05Dennis S FrankDirectorSold 75 Shares$14.04$1,05326495.37%Link


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$SI When they tell me diversifying is for idiots

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$SI Hold on to your Butts.

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$SI the trend is your friend
until the end.

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$SI Monday I'm out Apes
going to enjoy these gains

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$SI watch for another rejection up here

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