ServisFirst Bancshares Inc (SFBS) Insider Transactions

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As of December 7, 2022, 3:59pm EST.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-14J. Richard CashioDirectorSold 600 Shares$68.84$41,30404.94%Link
2021-06-03William M. FosheeCFOSold 7 Shares$69.03$48304.65%Link
2021-04-27William M. FosheeCFOSold 3 Shares$63.81$191013.21%Link
2021-04-26J. Richard CashioDirectorSold 4 Shares$64.58$258011.86%Link
2021-04-22Hatton C.V. SmithDirectorSold 22 Shares$61.8$1,360016.89%Link
2021-03-16J. Richard CashioDirectorSold 35 Shares$59.19$2,07245322.05%Link
2021-03-12J. Richard CashioDirectorSold 82 Shares$57.09$4,681026.54%Link
2020-12-16Andrew N KattosCEOSold 18 Shares$41.51$747074.03%Link
2020-12-09Clarence C Pouncey IIICOOSold 2 Shares$40.5$8169078.37%Link
2020-12-07Clarence C Pouncey IIICOOSold 666 Shares$39.49$26,30069082.93%Link
2020-12-04Buford Harrison Morris IIICEOSold 5 Shares$39.27$19610883.96%Link
2020-12-02Clarence C Pouncey IIICOOSold 4 Shares$38.95$15669085.47%Link
2020-12-02Rex D MckinneyCEOSold 5 Shares$38.59$1934587.20%Link
2020-11-24W Bibb Lamar JrCEOSold 5 Shares$40.24$201079.52%Link
2020-11-13Thomas G TroucheCEOSold 4 Shares$37.54$150092.43%Link
2020-11-10G. Carlton BarkerCEOSold 15 Shares$40$600080.60%Link
2020-08-14William M FosheeCFOSold 3 Shares$38.42$11531788.03%Link
2020-08-12William M FosheeCFOSold 100 Shares$39.78$3,97831781.60%Link
2020-08-11J. Richard CashioDirectorSold 3 Shares$39.18$118084.38%Link
2020-08-10Andrew N KattosCEOSold 6 Shares$38.62$2329387.05%Link


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$SFBS love cooking these little bears on here

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$SFBS When they tell me diversifying is for idiots

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$SFBS id rather have a dip then rip than a gap and crap

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$SFBS prepare your cash to buy dip

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