SEI Investments Company (SEIC) Insider Transactions

61.81 ↓1.35 (-2.14%)
As of Market Close on December 5th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-08Dennis McgonigleEVPSold 17 Shares$63.62$1,0820-2.85%Link
2021-05-07Paul KlauderEVPSold 19 Shares$63.29$1,2030-2.34%Link
2021-05-07Kathy HeiligTreasurerSold 13 Shares$63.13$8210-2.09%Link
2021-05-06William DoranDirectorSold 10 Shares$63.27$633659-2.31%Link
2021-03-08Wayne WithrowEVPSold 5 Shares$59.19$296404.43%Link
2021-03-05Wayne WithrowEVPSold 5 Shares$57.98$290406.61%Link
2021-02-17Alfred P West JrMajor ShareholderSold 54 Shares$58.2$3,14396.20%Link
2021-02-12Alfred P West JrMajor ShareholderSold 45 Shares$57.51$2,58897.48%Link
2020-12-11Stephen MeyerEVPSold 7 Shares$56.33$3941489.73%Link
2020-11-30Alfred P West JrMajor ShareholderSold 119 Shares$53.4$6,355915.75%Link
2020-11-24Wayne WithrowEVPSold 10 Shares$56.38$564519.63%Link
2020-11-23Kathy HeiligTreasurerSold 300 Shares$56.04$16,8121610.30%Link
2020-11-20Kathy HeiligTreasurerSold 14 Shares$54.5$7631613.41%Link
2020-11-16Wayne WithrowEVPSold 5 Shares$55.99$2804610.39%Link
2020-11-11Ryan HickeEVPSold 17 Shares$54.99$9353912.40%Link
2020-11-09Wayne WithrowEVPSold 10 Shares$56.51$565469.38%Link
2020-09-28Dennis McgonigleEVPSold 20 Shares$51.6$1,03259219.79%Link
2020-09-17Alfred P West JrMajor ShareholderSold 35 Shares$50.06$1,752923.47%Link


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$SEIC She's gettin' ready to...

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$SEIC Shorts are calling in all the favors

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$SEIC I'll say it again slowwwllyyyy! Better stocks to short by far

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$SEIC just waiting ….

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$SEIC check out the one month chart.

Perfect bull flag.

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