SeaWorld Entertainment Inc (SEAS) Insider Transactions

45.51 ↓0.69 (-1.49%)
As of Market Close on September 30th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-05-27George Anthony TaylorInsiderSold 87 Shares$54.46$4,738249-16.43%Link
2021-04-30Christopher DoldInsiderSold 2 Shares$54.65$109107-16.72%Link
2021-04-15Sharon P NadeauInsiderSold 28 Shares$49.31$1,38186-7.71%Link
2021-04-09Walter BogumilCOOSold 10 Shares$50.28$503200-9.49%Link
2021-03-05Elizabeth GulacsyInsiderSold 2 Shares$47.69$95114-4.57%Link
2021-02-04Christopher DoldInsiderSold 2 Shares$33$6612737.91%Link
2021-01-29Marc SwansonInsiderSold 5 Shares$29.6$14824653.75%Link
2021-01-07Marc SwansonInsiderSold 7 Shares$33$231037.91%Link
2021-01-04Walter BogumilCOOSold 16 Shares$31.49$50421044.52%Link
2020-10-22George Anthony TaylorInsiderSold 26 Shares$24$62426689.63%Link
2020-10-12Marc SwansonInsiderSold 8 Shares$23$184097.87%Link
2020-10-06George Anthony TaylorInsiderSold 7 Shares$21.84$153249108.38%Link
2020-08-27Christopher DoldInsiderSold 13 Shares$20.65$268130120.39%Link


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$SEAS hang tight
ignore fud and buy dips if you can
everyone be okay????

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$SEAS wow
looking like it’s going to be a monster day!

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$SEAS It’s that TIME!! To Double down!

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$SEAS where’s the WSB guys at? Still sleeping?

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