SandRidge Mississippian Trust II (SDRMU) Historical Stock Data

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, SDRMU is up 2.05% a day on average. There have been 21 days where SandRidge Mississippian Trust II closed green and 9 days where SDRMU closed red.

2020-11-160.130.13↑$0.00 (0.00%)0.130.130
2020-11-130.130.13↑$0.00 (2.15%)0.130.1388.22K
2020-11-120.130.13↓$0.00 (-1.42%)0.120.13299.89K
2020-11-110.140.13↓$0.01 (-3.70%)0.130.1491.58K
2020-11-100.120.14↑$0.01 (10.11%)0.120.14100.38K
2020-11-090.130.13↓$0.00 (-0.08%)0.130.14208.66K
2020-11-060.140.13↓$0.01 (-5.57%)0.120.1476.96K
2020-11-050.130.14↑$0.01 (10.24%)0.130.14294.37K
2020-11-040.140.13↓$0.01 (-5.29%)0.120.14393.43K
2020-11-030.130.14↑$0.00 (2.64%)0.130.14388.02K
2020-11-020.120.13↑$0.01 (4.21%)0.120.13133.06K
2020-10-300.120.13↑$0.00 (2.83%)
2020-10-290.120.12↑$0.00 (1.40%)0.120.14223.54K
2020-10-280.130.12↓$0.00 (-3.49%)0.120.13164.68K
2020-10-270.120.13↑$0.01 (7.35%)0.120.14199.45K
2020-10-260.120.12↑$0.00 (0.92%)0.120.12129.34K
2020-10-230.130.12↓$0.01 (-6.47%)0.120.1324.22K
2020-10-220.130.13↑$0.00 (1.20%)0.120.1345.23K
2020-10-210.120.12↑$0.00 (0.08%)0.120.1332.16K
2020-10-200.110.13↑$0.01 (11.84%)0.110.1340.51K
2020-10-190.110.11↑$0.00 (1.33%)0.110.1216.61K
2020-10-160.120.12↓$0.00 (-1.33%)0.090.1355.93K
2020-10-150.120.13↑$0.00 (3.22%)0.120.1356.44K
2020-10-140.130.13↑$0.00 (3.83%)0.120.1315.26K
2020-10-130.130.12↓$0.00 (-3.12%)0.120.1336.07K
2020-10-120.130.13↑$0.00 (3.92%)0.130.1322.32K
2020-10-090.130.13↑$0.01 (7.83%)0.130.1325.76K
2020-10-080.130.13↑$0.01 (7.92%)0.130.1354.96K
2020-10-070.120.13↑$0.00 (3.31%)0.120.1363.51K
2020-10-060.120.12↑$0.01 (5.49%)0.120.1222K
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$SDRMU tomorrow im gunna have a fucking good day regardless if its red or green. Red is buy green is hodl.

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$SDRMU Market is going to crash hard tomorrow.

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$SDRMU This is just getting warmed up.

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$SDRMU we had no volume for days before the last big rip

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$SDRMU The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself or another person

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