Stepan Company (SCL) Insider Transactions

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As of December 7, 2022, 3:59pm EST.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-11Janet Anne CatlettVPBought 2 Shares$132.04$2643-15.63%Link
2021-05-25Arthur W MergnerVPSold 2 Shares$133.82$26825-16.75%Link
2021-05-10Scott R BehrensCOOSold 2 Shares$137.7$2750-19.10%Link
2021-05-10Luis RojoCFOSold 1 Shares$137.7$1380-19.10%Link
2021-05-05Richard Finn StepanVPSold 1 Shares$135.11$135211-17.55%Link
2021-05-04Edward J. WehmerDirectorSold 500 Shares$134.3$67,1500-17.05%Link
2021-03-16Luis RojoCFOSold 350 Shares$128.04$44,8145-13.00%Link
2021-03-12Debra StefaniakVPSold 760 Shares$130.69$99,3248-14.76%Link
2021-03-10Luis RojoCFOSold 400 Shares$129.49$51,7964-13.97%Link
2021-03-01Debra StefaniakVPSold 402 Shares$121.85$48,9840-8.58%Link
2020-12-09Janet Anne CatlettVPSold 642 Shares$118.25$75,9172-5.79%Link
2020-11-05F Quinn Stepan JrCEOSold 12 Shares$120.04$1,440232-7.20%Link
2020-11-02F Quinn Stepan JrCEOSold 10 Shares$117.05$1,171226-4.83%Link
2020-09-15Janet Anne CatlettVPBought 2 Shares$117.18$2342-4.93%Link
2020-09-09Sean Thomas MoriartyVPSold 2 Shares$117.04$23410-4.82%Link
2020-08-24Debra StefaniakVPSold 453 Shares$116.34$52,7028-4.25%Link
2020-08-17Scott R BehrensVPSold 7 Shares$117.75$82411-5.39%Link
2020-08-13F Quinn Stepan JrCEOSold 10 Shares$115.68$1,157197-3.70%Link
2020-08-05Gregory E LawtonDirectorSold 1 Shares$110$110161.27%Link
2020-07-31Scott R BehrensVPSold 1 Shares$108.23$108202.93%Link
2020-07-27Scott R BehrensVPSold 445 Shares$109.02$48,514112.18%Link


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$SCL in it to win it

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$SCL is going to have a run next month

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$SCL i'm out of slaps for the day

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