CF Acquisition Corp. VI (RUM) Historical Stock Data

12.99 ↑1.33 (11.41%)
As of Market Close on September 28th, 2022.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, RUM is up 0.13% a day on average. There have been 6 days where CF Acquisition Corp. VI closed green and 7 days where RUM closed red.

2022-09-2812.0212.99↑$0.97 (8.07%)12.0113.313.54M
2022-09-2712.4411.66↓$0.78 (-6.27%)11.3312.853.06M
2022-09-2612.7012.19↓$0.51 (-4.02%)12.0712.942.74M
2022-09-2313.2012.03↓$1.17 (-8.86%)11.8813.643.08M
2022-09-2212.9513.25↑$0.30 (2.32%)12.1113.695.69M
2022-09-2112.7512.16↓$0.59 (-4.63%)11.5913.446.02M
2022-09-2015.8512.79↓$3.06 (-19.31%)12.5115.9911.49M
2022-09-1912.4416.81↑$4.37 (35.13%)12.0317.2319.73M
2022-09-1611.7812.04↑$0.26 (2.21%)11.5212.502.71M
2022-09-1514.1311.62↓$2.51 (-17.76%)11.2614.457.49M
2022-09-1413.2513.88↑$0.63 (4.75%)12.9814.343.47M
2022-09-1311.5812.94↑$1.36 (11.74%)11.5612.972.62M
2022-09-1212.2512.04↓$0.21 (-1.71%)11.9012.501.94M
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