Rivian Automotive Inc. Class A Common Stock (RIVN) Ownership

Institutional Ownership

There are no institutional owners of Rivian Automotive Inc. Class A Common Stock (RIVN).

Institution Ownership Chart

No institutional data found.

Top Institutions

There are no institutional holders.

Mutual Fund Ownership

iShares Core S&P Total US Stock Mkt ETF is the biggest individual fund holder of Rivian Automotive Inc. Class A Common Stock (RIVN), owning a total of 142 thousand shares. Combined, the top 20 mutual fund holders of RIVN own 0.09% of the company with a total of 825 thousand shares.

In the latest ownership report, the top 20 mutual funds have increased their combined ownership of RIVN by 415 thousand shares, a 33.44% increase from the quarter prior.

Mutual Funds Chart

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Top Mutual Funds

OwnerPercent OwnedPercent ChangeShares OwnedShare ChangeDate Reported
iShares Core S&P Total US Stock Mkt ETF0.016%0.000%141,56102021-11-30
iShares Core MSCI World ETF USD Acc0.015%0.000%136,310136,3102021-11-30
Schwab US Large-Cap ETF™0.014%0.032%123,524402021-11-30
Schwab US Broad Market ETF™0.009%0.189%76,5161442021-11-30
Schwab US Large-Cap Value ETF™0.008%0.000%69,25802021-11-30
Desjardins American Equity Growth A0.007%0.000%59,62959,6292021-11-30
iShares MSCI ACWI ETF0.005%0.000%39,97639,9762021-11-30
CSIF (CH) III Eq Wrl exCH B Pnsn F Pl ZB0.003%0.000%25,89125,8912021-11-30
KLP AksjeGlobal indeks 1 A0.003%0.000%25,20025,2002021-11-30
Xtrackers MSCI USA Consumer Disc ETF 1D0.002%0.000%19,52419,5242021-11-30
iShares MSCI USA ESG Scrn ETF USD Acc0.002%0.000%19,62219,6222021-11-30
iShares MSCI World ETF USD Dist0.002%0.000%16,55816,5582021-11-30
CSIF (CH) III Eq Wrl ex CH Pnsn Fd DB0.001%0.000%12,66012,6602021-11-30
Undrly UBS Life North America Eq Trkr0.001%0.000%11,82011,8202021-11-30
iShares MSCI ACWI ETF USD Acc0.001%0.000%10,53310,5332021-11-30
iShares MSCI World EUR Hedged ETF Acc0.001%0.000%8,5808,5802021-11-30
iShares MSCI USA Size Factor ETF0.001%0.000%8,2428,2422021-11-30
Moorea Fd Sustainable US Equity IE0.001%0.000%6,8606,8602021-11-30
iShares MSCI USA Equal Weighted ETF0.001%0.000%6,6026,6022021-11-30
CSIF (CH) III Eq Wrl ex CH B Pns Fd ZB0.001%0.000%6,5816,5812021-11-30


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