B. Riley Financial Inc (RILY) Insider Transactions

44.57 ↓0.03 (-0.07%)
As of November 25, 2022, 12:59pm EST.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-15Kenneth M YoungPresidentBought 1 Shares$66.06$660-32.53%Link
2021-06-07Bryant R. RileyCEOBought 13 Shares$66.31$8620-32.79%Link
2021-06-04Bryant R. RileyCEOBought 20 Shares$67.32$1,3460-33.79%Link
2021-06-02Howard WeitzmanCAOSold 4 Shares$74.18$29747-39.92%Link
2021-05-28Howard WeitzmanCAOSold 10 Shares$73.86$73947-39.66%Link
2021-05-06Andrew MooreCEOBought 5 Shares$67.68$338212-34.15%Link
2021-04-26B. Riley Financial, Inc.Major ShareholderSold 940 Shares$8.25$7,7550440.24%Link
2021-03-16B. Riley Financial, Inc.Major ShareholderSold 19 Shares$1$1914,357.00%Link
2021-03-13B. Riley Financial, Inc.Major ShareholderSold 69 Shares$1.01$7014,312.87%Link
2021-03-11B. Riley Financial, Inc.Major ShareholderSold 1 Shares$1.06$114,104.72%Link
2021-01-29B. Riley Financial, Inc.InsiderBought 7 Shares$5$350791.40%Link
2021-01-28Bryant R RileyCEOBought 6 Shares$48.71$2924-8.50%Link
2021-01-26Bryant R RileyCEOBought 4 Shares$48.56$1944-8.22%Link
2021-01-25Michael Joseph SheldonDirectorBought 2 Shares$48.95$9823-8.95%Link
2021-01-22Bryant R. RileyCEOBought 1 Shares$47.78$480-6.72%Link
2021-01-13Bryant R. RileyCEOBought 100 Shares$46$4,600273-3.11%Link
2021-01-13Randall E PaulsonDirectorBought 10 Shares$46$46088-3.11%Link
2021-01-13Kenneth M YoungPresidentBought 1 Shares$46$46141-3.11%Link
2020-11-19Bryant R. RileyCEOBought 15 Shares$32.53$488037.01%Link
2020-11-03Bryant R RileyCEOBought 60 Shares$26.66$1,600067.18%Link
2020-11-03Randall E PaulsonDirectorBought 40 Shares$26.65$1,066067.24%Link
2020-09-08Bryant R. RileyCEOBought 1 Shares$25.59$26074.17%Link
2020-09-04Bryant R. RileyCEOBought 2 Shares$26.21$52070.05%Link
2020-09-02Bryant R. RileyCEOBought 15 Shares$27.15$407064.16%Link
2020-08-26Bryant R. RileyCEOBought 20 Shares$26.67$533067.12%Link
2020-08-07Randall E PaulsonDirectorBought 25 Shares$26.96$6743865.32%Link
2020-08-06Kenneth M YoungPresidentBought 1 Shares$27.28$278663.38%Link


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$RILY Shorts are calling in all the favors

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$RILY it's just a matter of time and patience...

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$RILY what caused the sell off in an otherwise good tech market today?

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$RILY hang tight
ignore fud and buy dips if you can
everyone be okay????

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