Resolute Forest Products Inc (RFP) Insider Transactions

20.48 ↓0.11 (-0.53%)
As of Market Close on August 16th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-16Daniel OuelletSVPSold 5 Shares$13.51$6810051.59%Link
2021-05-07Jacques P VachonSVPSold 15 Shares$15.91$239028.72%Link
2021-02-16John LafaveSVPSold 10 Shares$11$11020986.18%Link
2021-02-12Daniel OuelletSVPSold 3 Shares$10.3$3120998.83%Link
2020-12-02Richard Joseph TremblaySVPSold 8 Shares$5.56$44247268.35%Link
2020-11-30Richard Joseph TremblaySVPSold 4 Shares$5.56$22247268.35%Link
2020-11-24John LafaveSVPSold 20 Shares$5.6$1120265.71%Link
2020-11-16Richard Joseph TremblaySVPSold 8 Shares$5.07$41221303.94%Link
2020-11-13Richard Joseph TremblaySVPSold 6 Shares$5.06$30221304.74%Link
2020-09-01John LafaveSVPSold 20 Shares$4.9$98159317.96%Link


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$RFP why is there no volume? Is that suspicious?

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$RFP day trade is ok to buy here but sell later

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