Uniqure NV (QURE) Insider Transactions

26.90 ↑0.54 (2.05%)
As of Market Close on November 25th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-07-15Alexander Edward Kuta IIIVPSold 6 Shares$27.22$16374-1.18%Link
2021-06-16Matthew C KapustaCEOSold 3 Shares$34.62$104262-22.30%Link
2021-06-15Alexander Edward Kuta IIIVPSold 6 Shares$35.43$21374-24.08%Link
2021-05-17Alexander Edward Kuta IIIVPSold 6 Shares$31.66$19074-15.03%Link
2021-05-12Matthew C KapustaCEOSold 2 Shares$32.29$65263-16.69%Link
2021-04-15Alexander Edward Kuta IIIVPSold 6 Shares$35.06$21074-23.27%Link
2021-04-14Matthew C KapustaCEOSold 5 Shares$35.24$176267-23.67%Link
2021-03-17Matthew C KapustaCEOSold 2 Shares$33.16$66271-18.88%Link
2021-01-28Matthew C KapustaCEOSold 31 Shares$36.63$1,136227-26.56%Link
2021-01-26Robert GutInsiderSold 604 Shares$39.09$23,61040-31.18%Link
2021-01-26Alexander Edward Kuta IIIVPSold 713 Shares$39.01$27,81456-31.04%Link
2021-01-26Christian KlemtCAOSold 952 Shares$39$37,12856-31.03%Link
2020-12-16Matthew C KapustaCEOSold 12 Shares$48.41$581277-44.43%Link
2020-11-18Matthew C KapustaCEOSold 10 Shares$43.69$437283-38.43%Link
2020-10-14Matthew C KapustaCEOSold 5 Shares$35.86$179280-24.99%Link
2020-09-21Robert GutInsiderSold 4 Shares$39.12$15641-31.24%Link
2020-09-18Alexander Edward Kuta IIIVPSold 2 Shares$41.18$8256-34.68%Link
2020-09-16Matthew C KapustaCEOSold 7 Shares$40.66$285288-33.84%Link
2020-08-25Matthew C KapustaCEOSold 300 Shares$40.27$12,081293-33.20%Link
2020-08-19Matthew C KapustaCEOSold 4 Shares$39.11$156294-31.22%Link


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$QURE we all speculate but nobody knows what going to happen.

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$QURE Silly Bears tricks are for kids

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$QURE Who’s still buying calls?

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$QURE day trade is ok to buy here but sell later

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