PROS Holdings Inc (PRO) Insider Transactions

23.51 ↓0.31 (-1.30%)
As of Market Close on December 1st, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-17Scott William CookCAOSold 1 Shares$50$500-52.98%Link
2021-06-07Scott William CookCAOSold 1 Shares$48$4834-51.02%Link
2021-05-14Leslie J RechanCOOSold 13 Shares$38.38$49967-38.74%Link
2021-05-07Stefan B SchulzCFOSold 35 Shares$40.29$1,410256-41.65%Link
2021-04-30Timothy V WilliamsDirectorSold 2 Shares$43.72$87116-46.23%Link
2021-01-19Andres ReinerCEOSold 7 Shares$44.37$311928-47.01%Link
2021-01-19Roberto D ReinerEVPSold 6 Shares$44.37$266112-47.01%Link
2021-01-19Stefan B SchulzCFOSold 3 Shares$44.37$133294-47.01%Link
2021-01-19Scott William CookCAOSold 1 Shares$44.37$4437-47.01%Link
2021-01-14Andres ReinerCEOSold 4 Shares$46.8$187915-49.76%Link
2021-01-14Scott William CookCAOSold 675 Shares$46.8$31,59035-49.76%Link
2021-01-14Stefan B SchulzCFOSold 2 Shares$46.8$94288-49.76%Link
2021-01-14Roberto D ReinerEVPSold 1 Shares$46.8$47100-49.76%Link
2021-01-12Roberto D ReinerEVPSold 6 Shares$48.3$29096-51.33%Link
2021-01-12Scott William CookCAOSold 1 Shares$48.3$480-51.33%Link
2021-01-12Stefan B SchulzCFOSold 27 Shares$47.01$1,269296-49.99%Link
2021-01-12Andres ReinerCEOSold 83 Shares$47$3,901947-49.98%Link
2021-01-05Andres ReinerCEOSold 9 Shares$49.57$4460-52.57%Link
2021-01-05Roberto D ReinerEVPSold 7 Shares$49.02$3430-52.04%Link
2021-01-05Stefan B SchulzCFOSold 4 Shares$48.96$1960-51.98%Link
2021-01-05Scott William CookCAOSold 1 Shares$48.96$490-51.98%Link
2020-11-12John C P AllessioEVPSold 2 Shares$36.99$747-36.44%Link


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$PRO Keep up the pressure.

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$PRO so tired of this pos let's fly already

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$PRO we always finish green after a red week. Less go!

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$PRO Ride this train. You won't regret.

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$PRO Who else bought the dip on Friday?

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$PRO I would not be a bear now

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