PRA Group Inc (PRAA) Insider Transactions

33.49 ↓0.43 (-1.27%)
As of Market Close on November 28th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-14Peter M GrahamCFOSold 6 Shares$40.15$24154-16.59%Link
2021-04-21Christopher D LagowEVPSold 411 Shares$38$15,61823-11.87%Link
2021-04-12Steven C RobertsEVPSold 10 Shares$37$37043-9.49%Link
2020-12-11Peter M GrahamCFOSold 3 Shares$44.26$13349-24.33%Link
2020-12-10Martin SjolundInsiderSold 1 Shares$45$4531-25.58%Link
2020-11-24Christopher D LagowEVPSold 2 Shares$42.98$8621-22.08%Link
2020-10-01Martin SjolundInsiderSold 9 Shares$40$36032-16.28%Link
2020-08-31Steven D FredricksonChairmanSold 8 Shares$47.02$376220-28.77%Link
2020-08-28Steven C RobertsEVPSold 8 Shares$45.42$36353-26.27%Link
2020-08-28Steven D FredricksonChairmanSold 1 Shares$46.96$47220-28.68%Link
2020-08-24Steven D FredricksonChairmanSold 6 Shares$46.04$276222-27.26%Link
2020-08-11Steven D FredricksonChairmanSold 3 Shares$45$135238-25.58%Link
2020-08-06Laura WhiteInsiderSold 1 Shares$42.04$4225-20.34%Link
2020-08-06Steven D FredricksonChairmanSold 39 Shares$42.92$1,674274-21.97%Link
2020-07-29Steven D FredricksonChairmanSold 600 Shares$40.95$24,570282-18.22%Link


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$PRAA how much did you make this past week?

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$PRAA This is how I feel everyday holding this gem.

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$PRAA shorters eat my shit

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$PRAA Any red I see I shall buy

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