Parker-Hannifin Corporation (PH) Insider Transactions

246.05 ↓1.28 (-0.52%)
As of Market Close on June 30th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-05-07Andrew D RossVPSold 3 Shares$320.04$96011-23.12%Link
2021-05-07Mark J HartEVPSold 7 Shares$319.95$2,24033-23.10%Link
2021-05-07Erwan FaiveleyDirectorSold 1 Shares$82.05$820199.88%Link
2021-05-05Lee C BanksCOOSold 13 Shares$316.34$4,112108-22.22%Link
2021-05-03Mark T. CzajaVPSold 653 Shares$310.82$202,9650-20.84%Link
2021-04-30Andrew M. WeeksVPSold 3 Shares$312.72$9386-21.32%Link
2021-03-11Linda S. HartyDirectorSold 7 Shares$311.69$2,1820-21.06%Link
2021-03-10Roger S SherrardVPSold 850 Shares$302.39$257,03274-18.63%Link
2020-11-23Martin C MaxwellVPSold 3 Shares$271.36$8140-9.33%Link
2020-11-16Ake SvenssonDirectorSold 2 Shares$264.72$5297-7.05%Link
2020-11-12Candy M ObournDirectorSold 1 Shares$257.01$2570-4.26%Link
2020-11-09Jennifer A ParmentierVPSold 2 Shares$262.35$52512-6.21%Link
2020-11-09Mark J HartEVPSold 3 Shares$254.44$76330-3.30%Link
2020-11-06Andrew M WeeksVPSold 3 Shares$237.88$714203.43%Link
2020-11-06Joseph ScaminaceDirectorSold 5 Shares$237.64$1,18873.54%Link
2020-11-06Lee C BanksCOOSold 7 Shares$237.52$1,6631343.59%Link
2020-11-06Thomas L WilliamsCEOSold 7 Shares$237.23$1,6611923.72%Link
2020-09-16Mark J HartEVPSold 1 Shares$216.16$2161913.83%Link
2020-09-02Lee C BanksCOOSold 9 Shares$213.55$1,92214315.22%Link
2020-09-02Thomas L WilliamsCEOSold 9 Shares$213.48$1,92120015.26%Link
2020-09-02Catherine A SueverCFOSold 1 Shares$213.42$2133615.29%Link
2020-09-02William R BowmanVPSold 1 Shares$212.13$2121015.99%Link
2020-08-12Robert W MaloneVPSold 4 Shares$213.06$852015.48%Link
2020-08-07Martin C MaxwellVPSold 9 Shares$195.41$1,7591525.91%Link


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$PH hang tight
ignore fud and buy dips if you can
everyone be okay????

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$PH Buy it up so it crashes harder in the next two trading days

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$PH Fuk the 1% even though i feel like the 1%

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