PropertyGuru Limited (PGRU) Historical Stock Data

6.43 ↑0.02 (0.31%)
As of May 19, 2022, 10:47am EST.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, PGRU is down -3.58% a day on average. There have been 1 days where PropertyGuru Limited closed green and 5 days where PGRU closed red.

2022-03-256.896.41↓$0.48 (-6.97%)6.117.20233.70K
2022-03-188.618.46↓$0.15 (-1.74%)7.799.00259.44K
2022-03-178.768.33↓$0.43 (-4.91%)8.068.84162.79K
2022-03-168.218.76↑$0.55 (6.70%)8.219.00108.24K
2022-03-158.318.11↓$0.20 (-2.41%)7.989.28511.50K
2022-03-149.408.26↓$1.14 (-12.13%)8.069.72597.82K
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