P&F Industries Inc (PFIN) Ownership

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As of November 22, 2022, 3:53pm EST.

Institutional Ownership

Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc. is the biggest individual institutional holder of P&F Industries Inc (PFIN), owning a total of 62 thousand shares. Combined, the top 72 institutional holders of PFIN own 27.71% of the company with a total of 882 thousand shares.

In the latest ownership report, the top 72 institutional holders have increased their combined ownership of PFIN by 47 thousand shares, a 5.09% increase from the quarter prior.

Institution Ownership Chart

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Top Institutions

OwnerPercent OwnedPercent ChangeShares OwnedShare ChangeDate Reported
Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.1.938%-2.529%61,660-1,6002021-03-31
Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.1.902%-1.896%60,491-1,1692021-06-30
Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.1.652%3.699%52,7661,8822022-09-30
Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.1.649%-13.263%52,468-8,0232021-09-30
Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.1.593%0.000%50,88402022-06-30
Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.1.600%0.020%50,884102022-03-31
Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.1.599%-3.038%50,874-1,5942021-12-31
Vanguard Group Inc0.915%45.189%29,0909,0542021-06-30
Vanguard Group Inc0.914%0.000%29,09002022-03-31
Vanguard Group Inc0.914%0.000%29,09002021-09-30
Vanguard Group Inc0.914%0.000%29,09002021-12-31
Vanguard Group Inc0.911%0.000%29,09002022-06-30
Vanguard Group Inc0.630%0.000%20,03602021-03-31
Geode Capital Management, LLC0.570%1.089%18,2011962022-06-30
Geode Capital Management, LLC0.566%0.000%18,00502021-12-31
Geode Capital Management, LLC0.566%0.000%18,00518,0052021-06-30
Geode Capital Management, LLC0.566%0.000%18,00502022-03-31
Geode Capital Management, LLC0.566%0.000%18,00502021-09-30
Shufro Rose & CO LLC0.528%0.000%16,78316,7832022-03-31
Shufro Rose & CO LLC0.526%0.000%16,78302022-06-30
Shufro Rose & CO LLC0.525%0.000%16,78302022-09-30
Bridgeway Capital Management, LLC0.367%0.000%11,68802021-12-31
Bridgeway Capital Management, LLC0.367%0.000%11,68802021-09-30
Bridgeway Capital Management, LLC0.367%0.000%11,68802022-03-31
Bridgeway Capital Management, LLC0.367%0.000%11,68802021-03-31
Bridgeway Capital Management, LLC0.367%0.000%11,68802021-06-30
Bridgeway Capital Management, LLC0.366%0.000%11,68802022-06-30
Blair William & Co0.344%0.000%11,00002022-06-30
Blair William & Co0.346%0.000%11,00011,0002022-03-31
James Investment Research, Inc.0.288%48.781%9,1503,0002021-03-31
James Investment Research, Inc.0.268%-6.973%8,512-6382021-06-30
James Investment Research, Inc.0.268%0.000%8,51202021-09-30
James Investment Research, Inc.0.251%0.000%8,00802022-09-30
James Investment Research, Inc.0.252%-5.921%8,008-5042021-12-31
James Investment Research, Inc.0.252%0.000%8,00802022-03-31
James Investment Research, Inc.0.251%0.000%8,00802022-06-30
Wilen Management CO Inc0.179%0.000%5,70002022-06-30
Wilen Management CO Inc0.179%0.000%5,7005,7002021-09-30
Wilen Management CO Inc0.179%0.000%5,70002021-12-31
Wilen Investment Management Corp0.179%0.000%5,7005,7002021-09-30
Wilen Management CO Inc0.179%0.000%5,70002022-03-31
UBS Group AG0.072%1,178.890%2,3022,1222021-06-30
UBS Group AG0.070%-2.693%2,240-622021-12-31
Wells Fargo & Co0.032%0.099%1,01012022-06-30
Wells Fargo & Co0.032%0.000%1,00902022-03-31
Wells Fargo & Co0.032%0.000%1,00902021-03-31
Wells Fargo & Co0.032%0.000%1,00902021-12-31
Wells Fargo & Co0.032%0.000%1,00902021-09-30
Wells Fargo & Co0.032%0.000%1,00902021-06-30
Tower Research Capital LLC0.030%22.021%9421702021-12-31
Tower Research Capital LLC0.025%-16.348%788-1542022-03-31
Tower Research Capital LLC0.024%679.798%7726732021-09-30
BlackRock Inc0.022%0.000%68902021-06-30
BlackRock Inc0.022%0.000%68902021-03-31
BlackRock Inc0.022%0.000%68902021-12-31
Tower Research Capital LLC0.018%-26.396%580-2082022-06-30
Tower Research Capital LLC0.015%-81.328%478-2,0822021-03-31
UBS Group AG0.011%-85.045%335-1,9052022-03-31
Bank of America Corp0.007%3.226%22472021-03-31
UBS Group AG0.006%-92.730%180-2,2962021-03-31
Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB)0.003%0.000%1001002022-06-30
Tower Research Capital LLC0.003%-79.289%99-3792021-06-30
CapTrust Financial Advisors0.003%0.000%8002022-03-31
CapTrust Financial Advisors0.003%0.000%8002022-06-30
CapTrust Financial Advisors0.003%0.000%80802021-06-30
CapTrust Financial Advisors0.003%0.000%80802021-12-31
CapTrust Financial Advisors0.003%0.000%8002021-09-30
Bank of America Corp0.000%0.000%332021-12-31
Wilen Management CO Inc0.000%-100.000%0-5,7002021-03-31
UBS Group AG0.000%-100.000%0-3352022-06-30
Bank of America Corp0.000%-100.000%0-2242021-06-30
BlackRock Investment Management, LLC0.000%-100.000%0-3362021-12-31

Mutual Fund Ownership

Vanguard Instl Ttl Stck Mkt Idx Tr is the biggest individual fund holder of P&F Industries Inc (PFIN), owning a total of 19 thousand shares. Combined, the top 25 mutual fund holders of PFIN own 4.56% of the company with a total of 145 thousand shares.

In the latest ownership report, the top 25 mutual funds have increased their combined ownership of PFIN by 28 thousand shares, a 15.99% increase from the quarter prior.

Mutual Funds Chart

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Top Mutual Funds

OwnerPercent OwnedPercent ChangeShares OwnedShare ChangeDate Reported
Vanguard Instl Ttl Stck Mkt Idx Tr0.609%0.000%19,46219,4622022-06-30
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv0.612%0.000%19,46202021-06-30
Fidelity® Extended Market Index0.566%0.000%18,00502021-05-31
DFA US Small Cap Value I0.545%0.000%17,33702021-05-31
DFA US Small Cap I0.362%0.000%11,50002021-05-31
Bridgeway Ultra-Small Company Market0.330%0.000%10,50002021-03-31
Vanguard Extended Market Index Investor0.303%0.000%9,62802021-06-30
DFA US Micro Cap I0.270%0.000%8,59302021-05-31
State St US Extended Mkt Indx NL Cl C0.189%0.000%6,00002021-06-30
SSgA U.S. Extended Market Index Class I0.189%0.000%6,0006,0002021-06-30
DFA US Core Equity 2 I0.090%0.000%2,86902021-05-31
DFA US Vector Equity I0.063%0.000%2,01402021-05-31
Dimensional US Core Equity 2 ETF0.059%0.000%1,86002022-07-29
SSgA U.S. Total Market Index Strategy0.057%0.000%1,8071,8072021-06-30
NT Ext Equity Mkt Idx Fd - L0.051%0.000%1,63002021-06-30
Northern Trust Extended Eq Market Idx0.051%0.000%1,63002021-06-30
DFA US Targeted Value I0.046%0.000%1,45802021-05-31
Dimensional US Targeted Value ETF0.024%2.139%764162021-10-29
AZL® DFA US Small Cap0.023%0.000%72302021-03-31
BNYM Mellon SL Mkt Completion Fd0.023%0.279%72022021-06-30
Bridgeway Omni Small-Cap Value N0.022%0.000%69602021-03-31
NT Ext Equity Mkt Idx Fd - NL0.022%0.000%69602021-06-30
Bridgeway Omni Small-Cap Value0.022%0.000%69602021-06-30
iShares Core S&P Total US Stock Mkt ETF0.022%0.000%68902021-06-30
NT Ext Equity Mkt Idx Fd - DC - NL - T20.016%207.692%5203512021-03-31


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