Public Service Enterprise Group Inc (PEG) Insider Transactions

67.61 ↑0.92 (1.38%)
As of Market Close on August 12th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-17Rose M ChernickVPSold 400 Shares$61.06$24,4243110.73%Link
2021-06-14Tamara Louise LindeEVPSold 29 Shares$61.71$1,79009.56%Link
2021-06-01Ralph A LarossaCOOSold 4 Shares$62.05$248898.96%Link
2021-05-03Ralph A LarossaCOOSold 4 Shares$63.87$25505.86%Link
2021-04-19Ralph A. LarossaCOOSold 4 Shares$63.3$25306.81%Link
2021-04-15Rose M. ChernickVPSold 397 Shares$62.52$24,82008.14%Link
2021-03-15Rose M ChernickVPSold 397 Shares$57.85$22,9663216.87%Link
2021-02-16Rose M ChernickVPSold 403 Shares$57.99$23,3703116.59%Link
2021-01-15Rose M ChernickVPSold 403 Shares$57.71$23,2572917.15%Link
2020-12-30Rose M. ChernickVPSold 400 Shares$56.96$22,784018.70%Link
2020-10-01Ralph A LarossaCOOSold 1 Shares$54.96$558423.02%Link
2020-09-28Rose M ChernickVPSold 200 Shares$55$11,0003022.93%Link
2020-09-09Ralph A LarossaCOOSold 1 Shares$54.02$548625.16%Link
2020-08-17Rose M ChernickVPSold 200 Shares$55.04$11,0083022.84%Link
2020-08-03Ralph A LarossaCOOSold 1 Shares$55.05$558822.82%Link


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$PEG FYI - leaning bullish

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$PEG money comes and goes but your story stays with you the rest of your life. Apes for life ??

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