OncoSec Medical Incorporated (ONCS) Historical Stock Data

0.74 ↑0.00 (0.61%)
As of Market Close on May 18th, 2022.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, ONCS is down -1.97% a day on average. There have been 11 days where OncoSec Medical Incorporated closed green and 19 days where ONCS closed red.

2022-05-180.770.74↓$0.03 (-4.01%)0.730.7714.66K
2022-05-170.730.73↑$0.01 (0.88%)0.710.7624.22K
2022-05-160.740.70↓$0.04 (-4.74%)0.690.7439.76K
2022-05-130.680.73↑$0.04 (6.62%)0.670.7735.46K
2022-05-120.720.70↓$0.02 (-2.78%)0.700.75201.59K
2022-05-110.750.70↓$0.05 (-7.01%)0.680.7994.45K
2022-05-100.850.75↓$0.10 (-12.24%)0.740.8588.42K
2022-05-090.810.78↓$0.03 (-4.04%)0.740.85106.93K
2022-05-060.840.83↓$0.01 (-0.61%)0.810.8629.57K
2022-05-050.860.85↓$0.01 (-1.30%)0.820.8631.97K
2022-05-040.870.87↓$0.00 (-0.23%)0.820.8846.37K
2022-05-030.820.86↑$0.04 (4.88%)0.810.8627.15K
2022-05-020.830.84↑$0.01 (1.54%)0.830.9026.68K
2022-04-290.830.85↑$0.02 (2.40%)0.790.89281.34K
2022-04-280.820.78↓$0.04 (-4.85%)0.760.8285.37K
2022-04-270.830.79↓$0.04 (-5.22%)0.760.8343.62K
2022-04-260.850.80↓$0.05 (-5.59%)0.760.8579.63K
2022-04-250.850.86↑$0.01 (1.40%)0.830.95114.14K
2022-04-220.870.81↓$0.06 (-6.90%)0.810.90101.67K
2022-04-211.020.90↓$0.12 (-11.76%)0.851.0297.16K
2022-04-200.940.98↑$0.04 (4.27%)0.941.0025.46K
2022-04-191.040.99↓$0.05 (-5.26%)0.981.07141.26K
2022-04-181.021.04↑$0.02 (1.96%)1.021.0656.80K
2022-04-141.071.04↓$0.03 (-2.80%)1.001.0793.54K
2022-04-131.081.10↑$0.02 (1.85%)1.051.1030.94K
2022-04-121.031.09↑$0.06 (5.83%)1.031.0964.63K
2022-04-111.081.06↓$0.02 (-1.85%)1.021.09102.63K
2022-04-081.131.06↓$0.07 (-6.19%)1.051.1325.73K
2022-04-071.171.12↓$0.05 (-4.27%)1.111.1946.26K
2022-04-061.151.16↑$0.01 (0.87%)1.071.18195.66K
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$ONCS a comeback is always more fun than an all out win!!!!

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$ONCS what V recovery or fake pump

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$ONCS Pack it up boys.

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$ONCS money comes and goes but your story stays with you the rest of your life. Apes for life ??

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$ONCS Ahhhhhhh payday tomorrow. Know what I’m doing with some spare

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$ONCS Buy it up so it crashes harder in the next two trading days

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