Nextera Energy Inc (NEE) Insider Transactions

90.47 ↑1.04 (1.16%)
As of Market Close on August 12th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-28Deborah H CaplanEVPSold 6 Shares$75$45012320.63%Link
2021-06-15John W KetchumCEOSold 12 Shares$73.42$8819723.22%Link
2021-05-21Deborah H CaplanEVPSold 100 Shares$75.16$7,51611620.37%Link
2021-05-11James L. RoboCEOSold 118 Shares$73.55$8,679023.00%Link
2021-05-11James L RoboDirectorSold 42 Shares$0.87$37010,298.85%Link
2021-05-10Deborah H CaplanEVPSold 39 Shares$75.17$2,93213720.35%Link
2021-04-15Eric E SilagyCEOSold 9 Shares$80$72014413.09%Link
2021-04-15Ronald R ReaganEVPSold 3 Shares$80$2403213.09%Link
2021-04-07Eric E SilagyCEOSold 14 Shares$78$1,09215415.99%Link
2021-04-05Eric E SilagyCEOSold 8 Shares$77.04$61616817.43%Link
2021-04-01Eric E SilagyCEOSold 4 Shares$76.13$30517618.84%Link
2021-03-17James Michael MayCAOSold 6 Shares$75$4501220.63%Link
2021-03-15Eric E SilagyCEOSold 28 Shares$75.63$2,11818219.62%Link
2021-03-02James L. RoboCEOSold 118 Shares$76.02$8,970019.01%Link
2020-12-22John W. KetchumCEOSold 4 Shares$74.44$298021.53%Link
2020-11-02Charles E. SievingEVPSold 121 Shares$74.96$9,070020.69%Link
2020-10-30Deborah H. CaplanEVPSold 45 Shares$73.44$3,305023.19%Link
2020-10-29James L. RoboDirectorSold 165 Shares$74.12$12,230022.06%Link
2020-10-08Ronald R ReaganEVPSold 167 Shares$300$50,1008-69.84%Link
2020-10-08Paul I CutlerTreasurerSold 10 Shares$300$3,0000-69.84%Link
2020-09-03Ronald R ReaganEVPSold 172 Shares$290$49,8808-68.80%Link
2020-09-01James L. RoboCEOSold 41 Shares$276.59$11,3400-67.29%Link


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$NEE hint hint this is when you buy a few

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$NEE low volume today isn’t necessarily a bad thing

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$NEE buying time

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