Nasdaq Inc (NDAQ) Insider Transactions

192.07 ↓1.72 (-0.89%)
As of August 18, 2022, 10:54am EST.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-03Pc Nelson GriggsEVPSold 1 Shares$167.89$168014.40%Link
2021-05-24Michael R. SplinterDirectorSold 5 Shares$165$825016.40%Link
2021-05-24Pc Nelson GriggsEVPSold 2 Shares$165.49$331016.06%Link
2021-05-14Bradley J. PetersonEVPSold 518 Shares$164.22$85,066016.96%Link
2021-04-22Pc Nelson GriggsEVPSold 2 Shares$161.53$323018.90%Link
2021-03-05Bradley J. PetersonEVPSold 1 Shares$144.58$145032.84%Link
2021-02-24Bradley J PetersonEVPSold 15 Shares$139.57$2,0945137.61%Link
2021-02-08Lars OttersgardEVPSold 6 Shares$142.6$856034.69%Link
2021-02-03Ann M. DennisonInsiderSold 2 Shares$141.44$283035.79%Link
2021-02-03Bradley J. PetersonEVPSold 6 Shares$141.94$852035.31%Link
2020-12-01Bryan Everard SmithEVPSold 1 Shares$130$130047.74%Link
2020-08-31Bradley J. PetersonEVPSold 1 Shares$135$135042.27%Link
2020-08-26Pc Nelson GriggsEVPSold 3 Shares$132.44$3972145.02%Link
2020-08-24Bradley J. PetersonEVPSold 1 Shares$130.29$130047.41%Link
2020-08-11Bryan Everard SmithEVPSold 1 Shares$132$132045.50%Link
2020-07-29Bradley J. PetersonEVPSold 1 Shares$131.36$131046.21%Link


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$NDAQ going green

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$NDAQ is anyone really buying this shit

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$NDAQ we had no volume for days before the last big rip

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