Micron Technology Inc (MU) Insider Transactions

59.15 ↓2.30 (-3.74%)
As of Market Close on August 9th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-07-15David ZinsnerCFOSold 8 Shares$77.16$617121-23.34%Link
2021-07-12Joel L. PoppenSVPSold 4 Shares$78.76$315257-24.90%Link
2021-07-06Sumit SadanaEVPSold 104 Shares$80.42$8,364165-26.45%Link
2021-06-25April S ArnzenSVPSold 8 Shares$81.57$65372-27.49%Link
2021-06-15David ZinsnerCFOSold 8 Shares$82.19$658121-28.03%Link
2021-06-11Joel L PoppenSVPSold 4 Shares$79.61$318257-25.70%Link
2021-05-19Sumit SadanaEVPSold 31 Shares$79.33$2,459125-25.44%Link
2021-05-17David ZinsnerCFOSold 8 Shares$79.4$635117-25.50%Link
2021-05-11Joel L PoppenSVPSold 4 Shares$79.66$319257-25.75%Link
2021-04-15David ZinsnerCFOSold 8 Shares$90.15$721128-34.39%Link
2021-04-12Joel L PoppenSVPSold 4 Shares$95.65$383257-38.16%Link
2021-04-05Scott J DeboerEVPSold 25 Shares$93.31$2,333155-36.61%Link
2021-03-25April S. ArnzenSVPSold 8 Shares$80.95$6480-26.93%Link
2021-03-15David ZinsnerCFOSold 8 Shares$87.52$700128-32.42%Link
2021-02-16David ZinsnerCFOSold 8 Shares$87.9$703133-32.71%Link
2021-02-11Joel L PoppenSVPSold 4 Shares$85.8$343303-31.06%Link
2021-01-15David ZinsnerCFOSold 8 Shares$80.89$647137-26.88%Link
2021-01-13April S ArnzenSVPSold 15 Shares$79.13$1,18788-25.25%Link
2021-01-13Manish H BhatiaEVPSold 50 Shares$79.01$3,951222-25.14%Link
2021-01-11Joel L PoppenSVPSold 4 Shares$78.66$315301-24.80%Link
2020-12-18David ZinsnerCFOSold 9 Shares$72.17$650129-18.04%Link
2020-12-03Scott J DeboerEVPSold 10 Shares$70.72$707138-16.36%Link
2020-11-30Scott J DeboerEVPSold 12 Shares$65$780148-9.00%Link
2020-11-16April S ArnzenSVPSold 11 Shares$61.16$673112-3.29%Link
2020-11-16Scott J DeboerEVPSold 25 Shares$60$1,500186-1.42%Link
2020-11-09Joel L PoppenSVPSold 30 Shares$56.8$1,7043354.14%Link
2020-11-06Scott J DeboerEVPSold 27 Shares$55$1,4851987.55%Link
2020-08-12Scott J DeboerEVPSold 13 Shares$48.34$62814222.36%Link
2020-08-03Paul MarosvariCAOSold 308 Shares$50.36$15,511017.45%Link


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$MU do what the markets tells you to do not the other way around

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$MU always with good potential for a long term Hodl

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and buying more when I can.

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$MU Green today if ya buy

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