MFS® Government Markets Income (MGF) Ownership

3.38 ↓0.01 (-0.29%)
As of Market Close on December 1st, 2022.

Institutional Ownership

There are no institutional owners of MFS® Government Markets Income (MGF).

Institution Ownership Chart

No institutional data found.

Latest Institutional Ownership Changes

No institutional ownership data for MGF.

Top Institutions

There are no institutional holders.

Mutual Fund Ownership

There are no mutual funds owners of MFS® Government Markets Income (MGF).

Mutual Funds Chart

No mutual fund data found.

Latest Mutual Fund Ownership Changes

No mutual fund ownership data for MGF.

Top Mutual Funds

There are no mutual fund holders.


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$MGF Exciting times ahead people.

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$MGF God dammit

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$MGF let’s go!! Squeeze time

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$MGF getting this mare ready to run today

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$MGF take us to the moon
lets goooooo

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$MGF we all speculate but nobody knows what going to happen.

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