Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp (USA) (KOG) Historical Stock Data

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, KOG is down -1.03% a day on average. There have been 11 days where Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp (USA) closed green and 19 days where KOG closed red.

2014-12-056.926.56↓$0.36 (-5.20%)6.567.0449.08M
2014-12-047.066.95↓$0.11 (-1.56%)6.917.145.54M
2014-12-036.957.17↑$0.22 (3.17%)6.947.448.94M
2014-12-026.956.89↓$0.06 (-0.86%)6.757.128.58M
2014-12-017.067.07↑$0.01 (0.14%)6.627.1612.82M
2014-11-288.427.33↓$1.09 (-12.95%)7.308.456.59M
2014-11-269.609.37↓$0.23 (-2.40%)9.329.653.06M
2014-11-2510.269.70↓$0.56 (-5.46%)9.6710.304.25M
2014-11-2410.4210.21↓$0.21 (-2.02%)10.1210.524.32M
2014-11-2110.5010.48↓$0.02 (-0.19%)10.3910.744.56M
2014-11-209.7510.30↑$0.55 (5.64%)9.7510.325.42M
2014-11-199.609.76↑$0.16 (1.67%)9.459.855.21M
2014-11-189.569.51↓$0.05 (-0.52%)9.419.793.86M
2014-11-179.859.58↓$0.27 (-2.74%)9.539.853.69M
2014-11-149.719.96↑$0.25 (2.57%)9.6210.002.87M
2014-11-139.849.66↓$0.18 (-1.83%)9.519.974.19M
2014-11-1210.079.94↓$0.13 (-1.29%)9.9110.234.02M
2014-11-1110.1310.19↑$0.06 (0.59%)9.9310.325.60M
2014-11-1010.6210.11↓$0.51 (-4.80%)10.0410.865.16M
2014-11-0710.3810.46↑$0.08 (0.77%)10.3310.713.18M
2014-11-069.8810.16↑$0.28 (2.83%)9.7910.194.64M
2014-11-0510.0010.10↑$0.10 (1.00%)9.8910.404.21M
2014-11-0410.259.87↓$0.38 (-3.71%)9.8110.275.10M
2014-11-0310.8010.57↓$0.23 (-2.13%)10.5011.203.32M
2014-10-3110.5310.79↑$0.26 (2.47%)10.0110.793.08M
2014-10-3010.4510.43↓$0.02 (-0.19%)10.1810.713.65M
2014-10-2910.5710.44↓$0.13 (-1.23%)10.3210.797.83M
2014-10-289.9710.36↑$0.39 (3.91%)9.8610.427.07M
2014-10-2710.409.98↓$0.42 (-4.04%)9.7910.474.38M
2014-10-2411.0710.78↓$0.29 (-2.62%)10.7111.074.47M
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$KOG will go green when market opens!

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$KOG still waiting to short this. Next Tuesday feels right for some reason

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$KOG Buy it up so it crashes harder in the next two trading days

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$KOG I hope I never have to work for anyone again after this

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$KOG If options never existed
what do you think this stock would be trading at?

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